Happy Doctor
I did not have to wait long before seeing a doctor. I was in and out in 45 minutes, prescription was called into my pharmacy, and I was able to pick up scripts on the way home. Triage nurse and doctor and intake ladies were all pleasant and efficient. Would recommend to anyone who needs urgent care.
Karen B.
Just stepped out of this location after a moderately bad dog bite. The team very caring, from the front team to the medical staff and the doctors. Everyone genuinely cared about not only my well being but everyone's that was there. Comes highly recommended!
Lindsee L.
A very smooth and pleasant experience.
Mickey D.
Every time my family comes here we get the best and consistent treatment by true medical professionals. Better treatment than the local hospital and most doctors office. Quick service yet courteous and professional. You're not waiting hours in the lobby or waiting room. They do X-rays onsite and send electronically your prescriptions to your local pharmacy. The medical staff explains everything in detail and they are truly practicing good medicine. Keep up the good work MD Now!!!
Jose D.
Very Professional
I.W. .
Is the best doctor office I visit today excellent service and I just love thank you so much for your service
Elvira R.
Very fast service and very professional personnel
david t.
They were great and fast! I was in and out in 30 minutes!
Madison R.
Very efficient and well-run. Not overly expensive for the service. Staff was exceedingly friendly.
Abe A.
Very professional, staff is wonderful, they're doing a wonderful job. The doctor was very patient with me, because I was doing childish.
Verla C.
Could not have had better service. Everyone from the receptionist to the nurse to the doctor Friendly, caring and efficient Highly recommend
Janet R.
Muy buena y efectiva atención a la gente
David O.
I needed a stitch in my lip and it was done without pain or problem. The PA was kind and stitched me up quickly and I left without an issue. I did, however, get a lollipop. Thank you.
Rita S.
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