Happy Doctor
Been a little since my visit but I wanted to get on here and leave a review regarding my experience at the clinic a month or two ago. I had an excellent experience! The whole process was fast, efficient, and had me feeling much better very shortly. NP Robert Bennett was very friendly, knowledgeable, and a true professional! Thank you for a wonderful visit!
Thomas G.
Fast, friendly service.
Erin N.
In August 2020, I had a pelvic CT scan, which involved an injection of iodine as a contrast agent. I had never had iodine before, but I quickly discovered that I had a severe allergy to it. A few days later, my skin was extremely red, I developed a fever, and I felt terrible. I needed immediate treatment. I chose MD Now for my urgent care. This was my first visit to MD Now. The staff person was very helpful, and I was seen by Dr. Gil Fernandez within a few minutes. He treated me with understanding, competence, and compassion. He knew exactly what to prescribe: Methylprednisolone and Cetirizine. These drugs were precisely what I needed, and within 5-6 days, I was back to normal. I was very pleased with the treatment that I received at MD Now, and I would highly recommend this clinic for anyone who is in need of urgent care.
Neal W.
Excellent experience all around; I made an appointment online and they took me right back. Every single staff member was pleasant and helpful, Dr Elman was kind and thorough in his exam. My prescription was called in immediately and I'm grateful for the care I received at MD Now. I am an ARNP and I was impressed!
Deb R.
I came in today because my PCP's office couldn't perform an I&D on the finger (cellulitis). Laz was so sweet and anticipated any need I may have had. He made me feel so comfortable throughout my visit. The office was backed up but he checked up on me frequently. The doctor was to-the-point and also made the process easy despite how uncomfortable and painful it was (can't remember his name, i think the last name began with a G). It was as comfortable of an experience as it could have been and Im extremely thankful for that!
Veronica C.
Nice personel!! Nice waiting room with free chilled drinks and big tv, that all made for a pleasant experience and sevice was quick.
Owen B.
Update as of August 31, 2018: Yesterday, my sister was treated horridly by the doctor that attended her. She called to have a resolution to her terrible experience. Thankfully it got handled! I'm grateful to hear that she had her negative experience turned into a positive one.
Shizuka S.
Fast and efficient. Waited less than 5 minutes to be seen by a doctor. All in all great experience.
Chris O.
Very fast service!
Rhonda N.
Excellent place! From receptionist to Doctors. Better than going to the specialists themselves
Carol K.
Valerie was very professional and personable. She treats patients with respect and kindness!! Very good experience!
Terie D.
Hands down the fastest, and nicest urgent care I’ve ever been too! I will gladly make the 20 minute drive to avoid the rude urgent care down the street.
Julia S.
Very little wait time. Everyone professional and polite
Mila D.