Happy Doctor
Fast, effective, great, professional care. It was my first time attending and I was impressed. Would totally go back.
Aliona R.
Muy buena atención. Rápida y amables
Naylin A.
The doctor (s) saw me rite away, were very kind and patient, heard about my medical condition and has helped me the best ways they could.
shantae j.
Everyone was nice and welcoming. I would highly recommend this MD NOW.
Excellent and professional...took care of my breathing problem immediately
Laura C.
I was in and out quickly and the staff was very courteous
Bros G.
Overall very satisfied by the professionalism of the staff and the short wait time. I would recommend MD Now to anyone who might need their services! If I could “suggest” one small change: one item seemed to be omitted from the electronic sign in on the iPad: under the ethnicity selection, there was no selection for “white”. “White-non hispanic” was not present either, so all I could do is select “none of the above”. I find this a very strange oversight. Before anyone claims the R word, I am the most open and accepting person there is, I am just pointing out a glaring omission. Thank you for your service.
Sparty 9.
The MD Now on Coral Springs Dr. is wonderful. I have a large family and have gone for numerous visits. I am embarrassed to admit that I usually wind up running there at 7:50pm. They close at 8:00pm. I do apologize for being last minute. I would expect them to be annoyed or at the very least rushed to get me out. After all, they want to go home after a long day at work. The exact opposite is true. I am greeted and welcomed by a kind receptionist named Janelle. I have a brief sign in and wait. John Seay a well mannered, kind, and relaxed clinical supervisor takes me to a visiting room. Lastly, Dr. Jay Gurstein is the physician. Dr. Jay listens to patient symptoms, thoroughly examines the patient, explains what the patient has, and how to treat it. I feel like he cares about the patient, even though he is not your primary gp. Also, he is extremely funny and puts you totally at ease. I am satisfied with my care here.
Melissa B.
Excellent job
Robert A.
Staff is super nice and friendly!! Front desk admin (heather??) Was amazing!!
Misty P.
Great service! Friendly staff
Claudia F.
Excellent staff. Well respected for your needs. No ER necessary!
Roberta F.
I was a walk in at 2pm this Tuesday afternoon. Wait time, minimal. Polite and courteous receptionist /(medical biller/ coder?). Quick sign in process as a new patient. Nurse in "triage" room (quickly yet accurately grabs vital signs and notes chief complaint for visit along with current symptoms) -- sweet and prompt. I was honored to have met and to have been seen by the practitioner, Dr. J. All I have to say is, fantastic bedside manner, thorough upon assessment, ensures the patient understands diagnosis and treatment plan associated with it as directed. Very knowledgeable in all body systems/pathology and delivered, from any of MY experiences in an urgent care setting, by far the most pleasant, positive, and disarming visit of any. Bonus-- he was funny, wonderfully hearted and natured as well as compassionate. I found my new homebase for urgent care =) Poka! Savannah L.
Cal L.
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