Happy Doctor
Great service and environment! Staff is very friendly and warm! Esthetic and cleanliness are a 5+!!! Every E-care should follow this example!!! Super quick service!
Lilliam Q.
Muy buena atención desde que uno entra por la puerta hasta que uno se va Muchas gracias
Pepe S.
Hands down the fastest, and nicest urgent care I’ve ever been too! I will gladly make the 20 minute drive to avoid the rude urgent care down the street.
Julia S.
Everything went well for me. I arrived right at 8:00am and they were open and ready to go. I had been suffering severe sinusitis for three days and was all stopped up, hadn't been able to sleep for 2 nights. They took me in right away, the MD prescribed a steroid to open my nasal passages and strong antibiotic, I was able to sleep that night and feeling 100% better the next day. Should have gone on day 1 rather than suffer three days. Thanks
Roy D.
The attention was perfect, quick, painless. Glad that I choose this place.
Rachel G.
low wait time great staff
Toni C.
Once the first visit has been completed, the sign in process is quite easy. Typically, the wait to see a Dr. isn’t too long. No in-house pharmacy, but prescriptions that are computer system oriented can be found quite easily even in the evening when usual pharmacy is closed at a 24 hour pharmacy.
Ken K.
Cristina at the front was very sweet as well as my Medical Assistant Mark. There are always staff that treat you with the genuine care you need and theses too exceeded my expectations. Thank you !
Ms. H.
Where does one begin on just how good MDNOW is compared to going to ER. The wait time to be seen is 1. 10th that compared to ER. Youre not sitting in a room for up to hours around sick people. They do X Rays, blood work, lab work right onbthe spot, breathing Txs. Just cant say enough about MDNOW.
Gene B.
Professional, efficient and courteous
Tony V.
Excellent care. While you wait there’s free water to hydrate you. I only had to wait 15 mins tops in the waiting area. Once in the room I only waited 5 mins and the Dr. and nurse were very attentive and friendly. I would recommend this place.
I love the service and staff here! They were fast and thorough. I would definitely recommend.
Gloria M.
The two young ladies couldn’t be more attentive from the time I arrived to the minute, I left the test was fast in the cleanest room I’ve ever seen.
joe b.