Happy Doctor
Professionally run office. I tried getting into my regular doctor office for an ear infection, but they had no availability. The MD Now on Lantana Rd was able to see me for an ear wax removal and I can hear again. I might make this my regular doctor office as it looks like they do physicals too.
Ben G.
Quick checkin. All staff very friendly.
Sherry S.
The wait time was minimal. Doctor and nurses understanding and caring. They have medicine in stock in case pharmacy is closed like it happened to me on a holiday.
Adria V.
It was a very good experience for me. I thought it would be difficult to find a doctor on a Saturday but I had immediate attention upon arriving to the clinic by a young doctor who knows how to treat a patient. Thanks to his diagnosis and prescription I am ok now. The clinic is nice and very clean. The personnel very helpful.
Dalinda G.
Urgent care...very sweet and considerate people. It gets very busy and the wait can be long, but as long as you stay nearby, they will call you that they are ready for you. I had a good experience and am thankful for this amazing team and their kind and funny doctor.
Elizabeth D.
MDNow was clean, fast and friendly. Would visit again, if needed
missmiley0205 .
Saw a doctor rather quickly. Was given a diagnosis and had prescriptions called into my pharmacy.
Arnold R.
Very professional and faster
Juan S.
The best of the best of the best!!!!!! I fell down slick stairs in my condo building and fell on my arm and could literally see the bones !!!!!! And this amazing team got me in and did everything necessary and put me back together! The staff is so nice and skilled !!!!! Thanks
Scott B.
Very friendly staff, especially Islande. Very concerned and caring.
Michael M.
Courtesy, friendly, accommodation, clean office, bathroom & exam rooms. The Dr was super nice, my antibiotic script was sent to Walgreens before I left the MD office. I’ve been there several times & only once did I want a long time. Today’s visit was in and out. Thank you for this office.
Sandi E.
Great personalities. Front desk was a little distant, but nurse and doc were A++. Young medical staff, very pro. Felt at home and well-cared for.
Jon M.
Very prompt, professional, and patient centric care was provided. I had a medical issue while on a business trip and they took amazing care of me. Staff was amazing! Janice was great and very personable. Amazing job!!!
Bob G.
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