Happy Doctor
I received a really good service on this center. Doctor and rest of the staff were kind and patients and they were really helpful. Waiting time was less than 15 minutes. Very professional service. Place very clean and comfortable. I recommend this place.
Mirtha F.
Not a lot people. Very clean. All staffs are happy and friendly.
Lazy P.
Very good service. No waiting time.
Audra E.
I was taken immediately and the care was good.
Marla F.
They are very quick in seeing U and very nice
Hilda M.
I was looking for a place that did COVID tests with a quicker turnaround than 3 days and found MD Now. I checked in online about an hour before I went in. I got there and they said “you may be waiting for 45 minutes” which was fine. They got me in in 20. Everyone I saw was very nice and I was surprised that I even saw the doctor. The place was clean. The results came back within 48 hours, too!
Elliese S.
Usually I'm hesitant to visit any urgent care clinics due to long waits and lack of quality. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I didn't have to wait long at all, it was very clean and modern, and the staff was amazing and kind. In no way did I feel rushed at any point and they listened to my every concern without being dismissive.
Chi C.
Great service. Fast and convenient. The receptionists and medics are nice.
Milena V.
Very quick service and professional. Provided great care.
Amanda D.
Looooove this place! Great attentive staff that are very knowledgeable. If only they had a Obgyn and a Primary care.
L S.
Wonderful staff meet and greet it was fantastic doctors were prompt would definitely recommend would not recommend Jupiter Medical Center urgent care
Mark B.
Fast, Friendly and Caring place
Anthony R.
Very fast and efficient. Thank you Doctor.
Maarten B.