Happy Doctor
The staff was very friendly to me. The doctor was in and out quickly, and the nurse gave me the best pharmacy nearby. I'm so thankful that they were there after a very long vacation.
Jessica N.
Barely no wait time. The staff is very friendly and sympathetic.
Christina G.
The staff was really kind and helpful!
April Y.
The attention is very good in this urgent center and the doctors are helpful.
Yadira H.
Very nice the girl from NY who did our covid testing ...pleasant and fast !!! Way to go
Brenda C.
First time going here and the staff was super friendly, office was clean and I was very pleased with how quickly we were seen. Will definitely go back in the future
Allison M.
Convenient location, good hours and pleasant personnel. Professional and efficient.
Maria A.
Good experience. Thank you.
Patty 2.
I was turned away from CVS Minute Clinic since they had "no availability". This MDNow Urgent Care location never fails to impress me! They were polite, quick and courteous. Love!
Olivia G.
Best MD now experience I had out of all the other locations. Especially because of the sweet girl named Sham that works there. Ask for her to give you any injections because it doesn’t hurt at all when she gives, matter of fact you can’t even feel it. She’s Very knowledgeable, kind and friendly. Will come here again for sure even though it’s far from my house.
Dark S.
Very great service and everyone was very nice.
Carla C.
La atención por parte de los enfermeros fue increible, le transmiten a uno mucha tranquilidad, le explican paso a paso que está pasando y se preocuparon por solucionar mi situación.
Juan E.
Very nice place. I didn’t even wait 2 minutes to be attended. They solve my problem in few minutes. Thanks
Marcela S.