Happy Doctor
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Bona L.
I always go to this office. I have closer Urgent cares near me but the staff here is wonderful. Very friendly and they all make me feel comfortable and most of the Drs that have been there have been great. Never a super long wait. I mean this is not by appointment so people have to be reasonable and know that this is not emergency at a hospital. Heck this is quicker. Clean facility.
delsa b.
Great location, nice warm atmosphere, helpful staff, and quickly seen. I will definitely be back! ☺
Natalia J.
Everyone was super nice and I was in and out fast.
Dave S.
Very professional care with me. Got me in and out as soon as possible
Brian M.
I love these people here , when I need med attention I always go here first and have for the last 5 years , they are very professional and spot on with there treatments , you won't find a better place to go , you guys and gals are great love ya. Thanks
Tim W.
Amazing friendly welcoming staff. Very efficient. I highly recommend them!
Brenda M.
Very busy but very well organized.
Elizabeth K.
Everything was. Good check in COVID test
Marcia L.
That was fast and very professional
Pepe S.
Excellent, Quick Diagnosis, Fast and Convenient Service. Local and easy to get too
Ira P.
Fast and reliable service. If test are not available at the time of service. They will call you or text you the results. If you are an NCHS employee services cost are so much less than other UCC.
Ariel O.
The staff were courteous and very warm and Efficient. The PA I saw was knowledgeable and took all the time I needed to answer my questions. It was a surprisingly good experience considering how awful I felt when I went. I would definitely recommend them would go back myself.
Kim G.