Happy Doctor
I’ve had nothing but positive experiences at this location. While there could sometimes be a wait, pending on the time, the doctors and rest of staff have shown nothing but exceptional professionalism every time I’ve come to visit, especially Sylvia! Thank you all so much for your help!
John M.
Great Services,, Professional
Abbas M.
Decided it was an optimal time to gat a COVID test before traveling, Staff was amazing and helpful. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Fast and reliable.
Matthew S.
It was very nice inside great climate and very clean.
Peter Y.
The service was wonderful from the moment I arrived. I was able to see the doctor quickly. Dr. Sanjuan was kind and understanding. He was able to prescribe a treatment that began in the office. No one was rushing me to leave. The assistants as well as the doctor himself came in to check up on me. Great service, knowledgeable doctor and friendly staff.
Carmen V.
The staff was very pleasant and the check in process was simple. The waiting area was very clean with a hospitable feel. What I found to be very comforting was the availability of face masks at the front counter.
Elizabeth K.
I've been here a few times as I've always had good experiences at MD now and this is the closest location to me currently. first time i had suffered severe symptoms for over 6 months and Dr's all just shrugged. I went in here and all I did was point to where it hurt and they immediately told me it's probably my gallbladder. test confirmed it. one time I went and it took a bit to get seen even though I was there first thing but dude after me cut his leg after drunkenly falling through a glass coffee table so it's nice to know they prioritize you as well.
Kellie G.
Very nice Customer Service !
Alfredo Z.
Super quick wait time to see a Dr and very friendly staff! Highly recommend!!
Michael M.
Excelente atención. El personal es muy amable y los doctores muy buenos.
Consistency and great health care professionals. Never a long wait.
Josie P.
I went here recently for a uti, I arrived at 8:00, was one of three other patients. I literally waited 15 minutes to be seen. ( culture taken immediately). ( which is shorter than offices where I have an appointment). I found the doctor to be very informative and professional. He explained everything to me and answered my questions. 24 hours later, my symptoms have cleared up.
Shelly P.
Great staff! Polite and professional. Short wait times.
Dan M.