Happy Doctor
I can't say enough about the doctor, medical assistants, nurses, and receptionists! Everyone was so nice, helpful, and informative. I felt anxious going in and they made me feel so comfortable. I will definitely go back!
Lindsey R.
Always fast, easy, efficient and the healthcare workers give great care. The only place we go outside of our doctors offices.
Debbie F.
Great service from the moment I walked in the front door until I left. The wait was short and the check in process was smooth. PA Zina is an absolute angel! Her professionalism, empathy, and smiling positive patient care attitude is exceptional! It should never be overlooked. Thanks for the positive experience and highly recommended.
phinsfanfl .
Everybody there was nice and helpful. Thank you!
Marta L.
Went to get Covid vaccine. Friendly staff. Nurse was excellent. Didn’t feel the shot at all. Thank you for great service.
William S.
This was the quickest Urgent Care I’ve been to. I’m from out of State and this is where my insurance sent me. So pleased with the staff, Dr. & care. Recommend.
Kristi .
Got my buster shot here. Was fast and easy!
Edith D.
I don’t remember the name of the girl that helped me but she was young and had glasses and she was fantastic, give her a raise
Debby P.
The team was very courteous and professional which earned five stars. However, the wait was very long due to the inefficient IT system. It constantly stalled, making check-in a ridiculously long process. Corporate management personnel, who only deserves 1 star, needs to be replaced by better decision makers. The staff needs a better system, invest in it!
T D.
Excellent & prompt service - quickly identified cause of mysterious illness & prescribed cure.
David B.
I had my stitches removed here and it was SO MUCH more convenient than going to my doctor. Also, my doctor didn't use anything to numb the pain of the stitches removal when I had previously gone back for that. They just used a scalpel on my hand for 38 stitches with no lidocaine or anything. No bueno. MD Now did it without pain or drama. Go here.
Sarah E.
Clean, efficient, timely. This was my first time there. Had to go for employment drug screening. Fast and easy. Thank you!
Tina D.
Nice and friendly staff
Stephanie A.