Happy Doctor
This inflation/recession is real.. only two workers a front desk clerk. There are few staff in the back including doctor.. they handle everything with Care very professional the wait was long but the customer service was great. Very customer service friendly. I would recommend others.
Walk-in service was fast and service was excellent. I would recommend to anyone traveling and in need of a doctor.
BAllen 8.
I went to MD Now for severe back pain and stomach pain. I was seen right away by Dr Diaz. He told me to go straight to the ER he thought it was appendicitis. He was right, my appendix burst. While I was in the hospital the staff of MD now called to follow up to see how I was doing. I was very ill and in hospital for 5 days and didn't check my phone. Dr. Diaz himself also called and left a message to checkup on me even leaving his cell number just wanting to see how I was doing. I can not believe this! So amazed at how much they went above and beyond to reach out to me to make sure I was ok is incredible. Very thankful for Dr. Diaz and MD now. Thank you sincerely for caring.
Kimberly H.
Unfortunately, I was book an appointment; I was quoted a wait of 90 minutes to two hours. Once I was called, however, I was in and out within 25 minutes, Doctor assessment, specimen samples, blood work, etc.
Khari M.
good & clean...
Alexandra G.
They will treat you with respect . The place is clean., and the staff is professional.
Yanet S.
Plenty of waiting room to keep separate from obviously sick patients. Clean and most importantly a high level of professionalism from staff and a doctor whom is knowledgeable and great bedside manner .
Corinne B.
Very clean office, I have to commend the girls at the front desk. They were very courteous even though some of the patients were not so pleasant with them. The process went smoothly the gentlemen who administered my blood work was professional and attentive. Overall a pleasant experience.
Glenis B.
Great place 5 stars. Not feeling well , just come in . available 7 days a week , what more can you ask for . stop complaining about wait times and petty things , if you had to go to the hospital be ready to spend the whole day there or more . At MD Now you're in and out in a couple or less and on your way to feeling better. Simple .
Eric N.
All the personal that were part of the staff were very professional and friendly. The physician, Dr. Perez was excellent in his knowledge and concern as to patient care and reccommdations. I would definitely refer others to this Center.
Anita C.
great people, professional quick in and out
Joe J.
Great care by the staff. Really caring and helped me with my injuries. I'm sorry I didn't catch your names but the Doctor radiologist, and nursing assistant were all great to me. Thank you!
Juan R.
Great service, great staff. Thank you a lot for your Attention and responsiveness
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