Happy Doctor
I received caring, focused urgent care at MD Now Urgent Care. The doctor and her staff were compassionate and knowledgeable about my emergency need. I am grateful for their consummate care and referrals. I highly recommend them for your urgent care needs
Johnnett W.
Everything went smoothly and quickly. Dr. Espina was very informative and attentive.
Catarina G.
Went in for a tendon issue and was taken care of immediately.
Marybella P.
Great place with wonderful staff! So competent and put ur mind at ease!
Sherry W.
Great staff, friendly and fast.
Paula R.
Personal was fast, compassionate and diligent. I was in and out in 20 minutes. Place looks clean and well kept. I was provided with the medication needed and was very satisfied with the service.
Sandra M.
Manuel F.
How friendly and professional they are.
Ellen D.
Was seen by a " Physcian Assistant " Good results from the Rx he prescribed
Bill C.
Very quick service seen immediately as a walk-in
Peter G.
Excellent, prompt, freindly!
Michael V.
Went to get tested for Covid. I was in and out 15 minutes tops. Staff was very nice and friendly.
trey i.
good staff .
Cristina T.