Happy Doctor
Great customer service the secretary that works front desk helped me filling everything out and even though there was like seven people waiting before me I didn’t wait longer than an hour and the doctor that seen me was very nice and got me out fast
Luis R.
Great experience
Gerald C.
Service was quick and professional. What more could you want?
Mimi F.
Came for Covid test. Wait time wasn’t too long and people were all very friendly and upbeat during this busy time.
Brooke B.
I went in expecting poor service like every other urgent care facility I have experienced, typically not seen by a "doctor", but by a nurse practitioner, or a physicians assistant. And even if you see a doctor, they are typically unknowledgeable. The last time they misdiagnosed me, told me I sprained my rib when I actually had a broken rib! I was in excruciating pain for 5 weeks walking around with a broken rib. In any case, I saw a physician assistant named Xena. She was amazing! I went in for a very bad respiratory infection, I was coughing, wheezing. headache, and I have asthma. She took time to ask me questions, listen to me, and even identified with my suffering because she also had asthma. She took the time to give me a nebulizer treatment and a steroid shot. The front desk assistant was kind of cold. But the Xena was absolutely fabulous. I will go back to this clinic again.
Bellaa B.
I went to the clinic on Linton in East Delray. The staff was professional and very helpful. The PA was great - she listened, did an exam, explained what was going on and sent me for a stat scan. This was the 2nd time going to this particular location and both times I’ve had positive experiences.
Sarah L.
The entire staff is professional, friendly and efficient. They treat you with care and they’re concerned about your needs.
Maria M.
Me encanto la visita a MD Now of Coral Springs, fui por un covid test, fue rapido y no me imagine que terminaria con una consulta con el Doctor. Dr. Aliaga is a excellent Doctor.
Mary O.
Great people, great place
April S.
Fast, efficient, and totally professional. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone.
James G.
Fast ,professional and what I expected.
David M.
They have the best Doctors!! and care service! I'm very impressed how experienced their doctor's are in treating my family and I how FAST!! they listen and know! I always leave happy and with the accurate treatment for all of us!! God bless you all for your services!
jackie c.
Very professional. No wait.
Laura S.