Happy Memorial Day Weekend

All MD Now urgent care locations are open
on Memorial Day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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Happy Doctor
The facility was clean and well kept. The staff and doctors were friendly and efficient. The staff & doctor was knowledgeable. I was in and out in less than an hour. Thanks,
michael b.
Fast and efficient. Amazing. I wish I could make them my primary.
Dennis G.
Great place! The staff is great, they took the time to go over everything and offered extra knowledge and information to us as well! Thank you!
Pina B.
Everything was good, All staffs gave a good service Thank you so much!!!
Miriam M.
This MD is great, quick and Awesome service.
Raul C.
Got me in and out as fast as possible COVID-19 very busy conditions. Good crew!
David R.
Very happy I went here. Called back within minutes of signing in as a walk in. Every staff member was very kind and friendly and enjoyable to talk to. Waited less than 10 minutes to see the doctor after the medical assistant. Had two tests done promptly and a prescription sent next door immediately. I spent maybe 30 minutes here and am very happy.
Michaela S.
I would have liked the wait to be shorter, but given what’s happen with Covid and testing and all the other stuff, I was most pleased with the outcome. I got my test, I was seen by the Doctor and given prescriptions for meds while I wait for the test results. They were polite, efficient and patient, even when others were not. I would recommend this clinic.
Patricia R.
Prompt and thorough analysis of medical history and current ailments— sinus and chest congestion lasting for a week. Doctor ruled out more serious problems and gave me 2 prescriptions. 20 minutes from appointment to out the door.
Rob R.
Walk-in service was fast and service was excellent. I would recommend to anyone traveling and in need of a doctor.
BAllen 8.
My visit was quick and easy.
Sharon C.
Not a lot people. Very clean. All staffs are happy and friendly.
Lazy P.
Service was fast and efficient. I would recommend them anytime
Arkady M.