Happy Doctor
This was my 1st experience with MD now urgent care in Pembroke Pines. I must say the service was tremendous. This period I met with a receptionist as soon as I walked in the front door 5 minutes after that I met with a doctor's assistant who met with me to discuss my issues. And 10 minutes after that the doctor visited me gave me a full analysis prescribed what I needed and what my illness was. Within 40 minutes I was in the front door and out the front door on my way to pick up prescriptions that now approximately 24 hours later seem to be curing the health issues I've had for the last 2 weeks. Needless to say the service was wonderful and I will certainly visit again. Thank you very much to all of the staff
Cheryl M.
Very professional. After registering, stayed in my car until they called me in. Quick test and exam and good to go!
Gail S.
Cut my finger and made quite a mess of it. The good people here cleaned it up and stitched me up. The doctor explained everything he was doing as he went along. Very nice and friendly people at the MD Now Urgent Care in Coral Gables. Thanks all for your help!
Joe C.
Sylvia was so incredibly kind as soon as I walked in the door. She made becoming a new patient very easy and efficient! Thank you
Jessica B.
I was taken care of quickly and efficiently
Cristina F.
Do not understand the negative reviews. This was the best experience I ever had for a walk in clinic. The nicest, caring people from front desk to Doctor ans his staff. No wait time and in and out in no time with relief from pain. Do not know if I was just lucky but for me it was a great experience. Thank you MD NOW Staff
michael w.
From check-in to check out, great service! Thank you!
Suzanne G.
Very friendly and patient, knowledgeable , I would recommend their services to everyone. Thanks
Calvin M.
Easy to find and a godsend on Easter Sunday when everything is closed and you gotta fish hook stuck in your finger. The staff was efficient, and very caring. They joked with me as we talked about what had happened, and for not so smart day retrieving plastics on the beach, I got lucky . Thank you to everyone on staff.
Elizabeth Q.
Our nurse was amazing. She was kind and patient.
Dr. M.
All around great experience. From the front desk girls, the Doctor, and the Nurse. Highly recommend.
Tonya L.
Always use MD Now Urgent care. Not only for everyday illness but when they can't diagnose you they send you to emergency room or make sure thay you see your doctor. Not only are they professional but the are caring about the results you should get from another professional that is qualified in different situations concerning your health. I recommend them highly.
Elizabeth S.
Nice people, good doctors. I had a long conversation with the medically well informed Dr. Hurt yesterday, 3/09/20, about a back problem I was having. He was very helpful, caring, and prescribed something that's helping. I've been there several times in the past few years and always found them to be helpful and pleasant to deal with.
Sylvain C.

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