Happy Doctor
This was my 1st experience with MD now urgent care in Pembroke Pines. I must say the service was tremendous. This period I met with a receptionist as soon as I walked in the front door 5 minutes after that I met with a doctor's assistant who met with me to discuss my issues. And 10 minutes after that the doctor visited me gave me a full analysis prescribed what I needed and what my illness was. Within 40 minutes I was in the front door and out the front door on my way to pick up prescriptions that now approximately 24 hours later seem to be curing the health issues I've had for the last 2 weeks. Needless to say the service was wonderful and I will certainly visit again. Thank you very much to all of the staff
Cheryl M.
Great service and the staff very professional and caring. I recommend this facility.
Rosa L.
Excellent customer service. I was attended almost immediately. The doctor, nurse and staff were very friendly. Highly recommend.
Sandra V.
Outstanding service, lobby, urgent care rooms and restrooms extremely clean - friendly atmosphere, doctor availability superb. Very satisfied with the service rendered by MD Now staff - kudos to you all
Fernando R.
Fabulous Urgent Care center. I was able to schedule an appointment online and check in when I arrived. The staff was so friendly and accessible!!! All the rooms, from the waiting room to the examination rooms were very clean. They had an x-ray machine on site. I was seen on time, and I must say, everyone was so pleasant. They even called me today to check up on me. Wow!!! This was a great find!!!!
Marilyn L.
Very clean. Very mannerly. I was out within 45 mins. The doctor and the staff were great. Thanks for helping me feel better.
Artha M.
Clean, efficient and friendly staff. I highly recommend it.
Arlene J.
Staff was polite and friendly during my visit. The check in process did not take long at all, I was seen in less than 10 minutes. Staff explained medicines they prescribed and sent them to the pharmacy of my choice So they were ready by the time I got there.
Ashley M.
Service was courteous and efficient. Doctor took time to arrive at a diagnosis.
T. M.
In and out within an hour. Courteous staff.
Eric S.
The associated working at the facility are very friendly and professional.
Philip M.
Very clean, staff is kind, friendly and professional.
Samantha B.
I think it was a little busy but the service is still really great.
Jas D.