Happy Doctor
Excellent customer service. The staff is very friendly albeit professional. There is also a short wait time so customers are seen to promptly!
mashera b.
Great experience. Dr.s are terrific. Front staff excellent! I had an important issue/question after my visit and was contacted immediately! Kaitlyn was fantastic in helping me,& went above & beyond. Highly recommend this office!
Meliss .
Went in for a minor congestion issue and was well taken care of.
From the minute I walked in the door the receptionist (sorry 2 say I 4got her name) saw I was in pain she got me a cold bottle of water & just said 2 sit that she would do the rest and she did the staff nurse and receptionist helped me every step of the way idk if anyone has ever had broken ribs but trust me pain is unreal u can't breathe walk eep coughaugh etc etc they went way above and beyond and called me 2 days later 2 make sure I was ok I'd recommend my family & friends to fo here & I understand so.etimes u wait but so.eti.es people might be aittle sicker then u r so just hope we all get better or go sit in emergency room for 8 9 10 hours
Debra D.
Courteous folks that truly care. Ryan was outstanding!
Marc T.
the staff was very nice and knowlegable. i would reccommend them. the phone system for contacting them is horrible.
Roger U.
1 star cuz no one was there. 3 stars cuz they aren't open yet. 5 stars cuz I'm sped and like to review empty buildings.
Warren W.
First time I used the services at MD Now, I was very impressed. Professional staff, easy check in, the triage nurse was understanding and Dr Yoo took care of me. The service was thorough and quick, I was shocked as I anticipated a long wait! Thank you!
K D.
Fast and friendly! I was (surprisingly) very impressed and will definitely use them again.
Greg C.
MD Now has the most amazing and friendliest staff. I was in an out in a blink of an eye. The best place to get a physical or any other medical need.
Mariana R.
Fast , professional , clean , and staff very attentive
De L.
About the nicest urgent care I've been too. People were super friendly.
Keith H.
The staff was soooo kind and helpful! Not easy managing a waiting room of Covid 19 possible patients! Had cold fresh bottles of water while we waited. They totally recognized our anxiety. Readily and patiently answered our questions. Checked in with us from time to time. Very very pleased with the environment, the staff, their professionalism. Highly recommend MD Now Urgent Care. WISH I LIVED IN DEERFIELD!! THANKS SO MUCH. HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Camille S.