Happy Doctor
Very professional atmosphere. Attractive and clean design. Medical and Office Staff were courteous, helpful, knowledgeable and empathic. Dr. Mushtaq diagnosed and treated me properly, with a detailed discharge plan. Very impressive!!!
Paul M.
Fast service, lovely staff
Shannon W.
Awesome staff, awesome service, you can tell they care! I really like MD Now when I can't get to my primary physician right away. I highly recommend MD Now!
My C.
I’ve been coming here since they first opened and always a great experience!!! I remember my first visit being very skeptical about coming to a new place but I was pleasantly surprised of how amazing the experience was. Clean facility, friendly staff, short wait in the waiting room, great medical attention and really organized. Like almost all new businesses, I figured the experience would not be the same after a year or so.. I had to go again recently and was worried since it was on a weekend, I would expect a horrible wait and experience. I was wrong...short wait, change of insurance and got my questions answered immediately, still great staff, experience and medical care. I can’t speak for other locations, but I recommend this place definitely!!!
Barbara S.
Very clean and professional place the staff is very friendly and helpful.
Daniel R.
Great staff, everyone in the office is respectful and kind and they move quickly.
Kiera J.
They were very good and they were very Experienced
John S.
Greeted by friendly staff and doctor. In and out under 35 minutes. Would highly recommend this facility.
Barbara B.
I was pleasantly surprised how helpful and kind the receptionist was to all the patients waiting for up to two hours. She was calm and respectful to everyone. She did everything she could to help everyone. She kept us in the loop about time management going on in the back. That she was leaving for her break. She announced it and put a sign up. She checked in with us all and let us know how things were moving in the back. The doctor was helpful and listened to my concerns the nurse was also lovely.
diane h.
Everyone was efficient, professional and helpful. The office is very clean. The doctor was very clear when explaining the issues.
Bettie H.
The lady place someone wants to be on their vacation is an urgent care but if you have to go, come to this location... Every single employee that I came in contact with, was the nicest. I've never been treated so we'll in a healthcare industry!! I walked out of that place, highly impressed!! I know times are rough right now and everyone in health care is so stressed but they did not show any signs of frustration... Thank you again for such wonderful service and care!!
Erika H.
I love you guys. You're always there for me. Everyone is attentive and kind. Dr. Mushtaq was very nice. A positive and understanding energy. I picked up a virus on the last night of a cruise. Went right there after the we got off the ship and they saw me right away. I always have a great experience here.
Dean M.
Quick and efficient
Josie P.