Happy Doctor
I received excellent compassionate care today. I felt I was listened to and was asked in depth questions to clarify my concerns - very helpful. I highly recommend this MD Now Urgent Care. Grateful for this care.
Judy L.
Este lugar tiene una atención súper especial . Llegue con vomitos y fatiga y estas chicas Monica , demetrea, maria angel , me curaron al momento con una inyección . Miles de gracias por toda su atención
rafael h.
Excellent staff. Professional and attentive which lowered my stress levels for my emergency care. Highly recommended.
Hans M.
Very nice and polite staff.
Theresa M.
The staff and Doctor were very friendly, helpful, and efficient. Anytime I can't get to see my regular doctor, I walk into MDnow and get seen by a doctor.
Ken S.
You nurses, doctors, X-ray, and assistants are wonderful, you are all so thorough in your work and care. My car was rear-ended I was shaken up, especially my neck. Luckily after having viewed the X-Rays, I saw there was no damage to my neck, just got a minor whiplash. The soreness is going away along with the worry. Thank you for your kind care.
Patricia T.
Very professional staff I went for my Covid-19 test today and they were fast and they didn’t make me feel uncomfortable.
Valia H.
I came in to see a doctor about a bad back pain and Dr. Chen came and explained in detail what I needed to do. Everybody was very nice . Kaila and Jaime took the extra time to help set up my md now online account. Also Andrew was very professional and nice.
luigi p.
There is this lady name NERAK SHE HELPED ME OUT WITH EVERYTHING I WANTED SHE WAS SO HELPFUL AND SHE IS THE BEST. If I was y’all I would go MD now in cypress creek and ask for NERAK she goin to help you out with everything you need
Matthew H.
Staff was very professional, facility was clean and I was in/out in a timely manner.
LaShawn G.
Fast, friendly service
Luis S.
Very fast, professional and they can dispense most Meds on site, saving me a 2nd trip the Drug Store
Mark B.
Chris W.