Happy Doctor
Friendly staff, the wait was reasonable. The dr. Listen to my questions and explained what to expect and time frame of recovery. Overall a good experience.
cristina P.
I was in and out of there within an hour. Dr. Cordoba was fantastic and the staff was great as well.
sandra g.
Always great services
Gisela B.
Team was very efficient. Feel we were treated very well
Mark T.
Took my fiancee after not feeling well. Everyone in the office was professional and caring. Took us about 45 mins in and out and I would definitely considering going back in the future. Thank you everyone!
Jimmy D.
Not long of wait which makes it worth going there. The staff and doctor was very helpful. Will go there again.
Ruth C.
Best MD now experience I had out of all the other locations. Especially because of the sweet girl named Sham that works there. Ask for her to give you any injections because it doesn’t hurt at all when she gives, matter of fact you can’t even feel it. She’s Very knowledgeable, kind and friendly. Will come here again for sure even though it’s far from my house.
Dark S.
The wait time was reasonable forvtge amount of walk-ins, staff was very corteous, took care of insurance and payment on a fast manner. Nurses and Dr. was accurate and instructions were very clear both when expkained by the nurse as well as in writing
Vero A.
Eva office manager, Filandi, Intake, and Amy- Pa. These 3 combined got me in and out, even with a wait, they made it worth waiting. Kind, gentle and helpful everyway, possible . My own Primary Doctors office Total MD / Urgent Care office is MD Nows Competitor. They wouldnt even see me after i was willing to wait there in their office while their PA said she had a procedure to do and it would be an hour or so. They told me because of my pain level, ( i pulled a muscle in my shoulder) to go to the hospital. I told them, i have been like this for 3 days , i would wait 1-2 so i wouldnt have to wait in The ER 3-4 hours for twice or 3 times the expense. She said even if i waited, she wouldnt treat me, and just would refer me to the hospital. So i came here. Same pain level, same pulled muscle. Atleast the saw me. And IF then they said go to the hospital, i would understand. But not even see me. So, MD NOW Is my Urgent Care place. I just wish i could use them for my primary office. Thank you ladies. If i could give you a raise, i would.
Momma L.
Extremely pleased with the he service I received at Urgent Care..from the support staff to the doctor I was treated nicely and my needs were addressed in a timely and professional manner.
Tara C.
Great staff, who are professional and courteous.
Jennifer W.
Had to do a new employee Drug Screen. Check in was easy and simple. Everybody was friendly. Unfortunately was unable to give a specimen so the nurse set me up for another appointment for the next day in the am.
Peggy H.
Excellent attention and service. very timely. I recommend it. Thank you