Happy Doctor
I was lucky to arrive later in day so my wait was not too long . The technician was capable & seemed to gather all the necessary information . The doctor saw me soon after ( there were no other patients waiting ) & made a diagnosis for which he prescribed an antibiotic that I will get tomorrow . My experience here was pleasant .
Junellen S.
The doctor and staff were very accommodating and put me at ease over my medical complaint. The doctor informed me of every measure he was taking to treat me so that there were no surprises. He also did his best to minimize my physical discomfort. A+ care all around.
Von W.
Super helpful. The nurses and doctors were great. Will be my go to for now especially because they take my insurance. Thanks for all your help!
Paola C.
Friendly & professional staff. Very clean office with bottled water available in the lobby along with multiple hand sanitizer pumps & Kleenex. As a walk-in, was seen quickly. As a nurse, I appreciated how Dr. Fernandez evaluated & treated my complex condition. Only complaint- they were out of viral swabs.
Melinda A.
You nurses, doctors, X-ray, and assistants are wonderful, you are all so thorough in your work and care. My car was rear-ended I was shaken up, especially my neck. Luckily after having viewed the X-Rays, I saw there was no damage to my neck, just got a minor whiplash. The soreness is going away along with the worry. Thank you for your kind care.
Patricia T.
I absolutely had a great experience here at this office !!! From the front desk Mike and Anthony being super helpful and informing, to Kendlet and Dr Naira in the back end taking my vitals and covid exam and helping me with my medical clearance for surgery
Mydalis R.
I love you guys. You're always there for me. Everyone is attentive and kind. Dr. Mushtaq was very nice. A positive and understanding energy. I picked up a virus on the last night of a cruise. Went right there after the we got off the ship and they saw me right away. I always have a great experience here.
Dean M.
If you are coming here ask for nurse Claudia she is the best
Daniela C.
If you have any COVID symptoms, go here. After being turned away with no inhaler, steroid or anything at other urgent cares and ERs, finally we found someone who truly cared and wanted to help us. Thank you Carol Reive for making us feel heard. You are a godsend.
Shelby G.
Staff and Dictore are so Co operative.
Rekha N.
Went for a covid test and they took my insurance (100% no copay), I had no wait, and was out so quick! I was scared (crying) and she sat with me, let me take a few deep breaths, showed me the swab - tiny!! I saw my husband get tested and his looked like a QTip. This looked like a paperclip straightened out (with cotton) and bendy/flexible. I was worried they'd hit something and I'd get a nosebleed (friends' stories). She did it and when I tell you by the time I felt something she was out of my nose... like I thought "oh she is getting to the part where its gonna hurt!" When she went "see?" And she had it out already... had to do 2nd nose but it legit feels like when you land off a waterside and some water goes half way up your nose. My eyes didn't water (more than they were from the remaining tears) nor did I sneeze or feel "uncomfortable" or "alcohol burning" it just felt like water went half way up my nose. Go get tested, and use MD NOW!
Shannon K.
First time going here and the staff was super friendly, office was clean and I was very pleased with how quickly we were seen. Will definitely go back in the future
Allison M.
Staff was polite , clean facility and the doctor was thorough in his examination to clear my husband for a procedure and all done within an hour of arrival.. Very pleased ..
Palmira P.