Happy Doctor
Friendly staff, quick & efficient. Bessie checked us in quickly and offered water to my daughter who was coughing. Abigaile was kind and sweet from check in to check out.
Angela H.
Efficient and friendly.
tanya s.
Entire staff were very professional and personable..
Pete P.
Every MD Now I've been to is very professional and helpful. Their firm advice that I needed to go to the hospital last week may have saved me from the serious if not fatal consequences of very high blood pressure. I assumed my chest tightness was simply anxiety. I followed their advice of going to the local ER and was admitted for an overnight evaluation. Although unexpected and scary, I had a thorough heart evaluation and blood work to rule out any problems in those areas. I was prescribed blood pressure medication and discharged the next day. I feel much better physically and thankful they insisted I go to the ER as needed. My highest regard and appreciation to this valuable health resource. Linda
linda j.
Went to MD now and it was like checking into a resort, the lady at the front desk was great and very helpful, the nurse who apologized for keeping me waiting but it wasn’t long at all, she was very courteous and professional and explained to me clearly what was going on during my treatment and then thanked me for visiting So kudos to this MD location
Craig S.
Staff was very friendly and professional. I didn't have to wait long to be seen.
Amy D.
1st appt excellent, staff, dr etc! 7-23-2018 when for excessive pain behind my knee from a Phyiscal Therapist doing trigger point therapy on my injured knee which left me in extreme pain with a knee sprain & poplitieus tendon strain. Staff Judith & Stephanie got me in quick & DR was excellent. DR gave me 2 injections for pain!
Peggy L.
Quick, easy & efficient
John C.
Great experience! Easy in, easy out, pleasant and courteous staff, clean facility and will recommend.
Charles H.
Grear quick service The whole staff was very helpful THANKYOU
Jennifer T.
Great staff and Doctor. In and out very quick.
Ken S.
We went today to the clinic and it was another wonderful experience. We are thankful to have access to these more intimidate clinics beside the Hospital ER. Feeling thankful and we highly recommend the MD NOW ...great team
Claudia S.
This is the 2nd time I’ve been in 6 months. These people are so compassionate and so understanding! They do everything they can to make you feel comfortable and at ease! I appreciate all of you!
Mike a.