Happy Doctor
The nurse (which I unfortunately forgot her name) and the dr were GREAT! Great customer service skills, very professional and polite! Besides the dr telling me my toe was fractured, she was WONDERFUL
Diane W.
Very helpful, friendly and professional staff
Sylvette L.
I went online to make a appointment for a Covic test it was easy to make a same day appointment. Got there ,front desk Nurse was Very nice answer all my questions. Thank you The Nurse that tickled my Brain She was very nice. She told me how to go online to get my results. MD Urgent Care in Plantation Fl. Very Nice . Thank you
Sandra K.
We checked in and took 4 minutes to see the nurse and then the Dr! My child has autism and he is very scared of Doctors. She was so nice, professional and sweet . My Son hugged the Dr. and that never happens!
Gloria G.
Awesome experience!
Keegan H.
Very nice doctor
dav24x .
Good experience. Trained, caring staff. Thorough intake from a young but very competent med. assistant. Competent caring physician. My primary physician was doubled booked and I couldn't get in to see her. She recommended MD Now urgent care. Appreciate the recommendation.
Martin, R.
I was on vacation and had a lingering condition so arrived on a Saturday morning. There were two or three patients ahead of me, which was no issue, as they were seen quickly. The iPads *are* cleaned/sanitized by the receptionist and she was able to help me with getting my insurance info (out of country) emailed over to her for direct billing. I was in and out of the clinic in a very reasonable time period. I agree receptionist staff could be more welcoming when you first walk in but patients are now provided with a mask if they do not have one. The clinic is spacious and clean, and the nurses are professional and kind. Dr. Becker is lovely. Highly recommend! Big thank you to the staff and doctor for making me feel cared for.
Mara N.
My second time love the doctor the girls at desk very nice and so is the nurse the doctor is a very caring female
Sandra L.
If you have any COVID symptoms, go here. After being turned away with no inhaler, steroid or anything at other urgent cares and ERs, finally we found someone who truly cared and wanted to help us. Thank you Carol Reive for making us feel heard. You are a godsend.
Shelby G.
Great services!
Todd S.
Service was very prompt and everyone was very friendly
Chitra S.
We walked in and we had no waiting at all. Staff was very kind and helpful. The waiting room seating was really nice for social distancing due to Covid. The staff santized everything at check in and took care of my husband s issue.
Sheila T.