Happy Doctor
I've been sitting here 37 minutes now and NO one has taken me back. Nobody(patients) are even here.. THEY FINALLY TOOK the Air freshener SPRAY DOWN. THANK GAWD. Imagine being sick with a sinus infection sneezing Waiting (in a medical facility)and tHIS BIG industrial Air freshener keeps spraying every 15 mins allllday. .,...... UPDATE::After appointment They took me back and the Dr. Was very interested in hearing my concerns of sinus infection and was very helpful and friendly. He was very understanding to what meds work for me and efficiently got me in/out. Thankyou for your help. The in-take nurse was friendly and helpful also as well as the front desk girl. I have been coming here for 4 years now. This was the first time I reviewed.
cstranieri1 .
Just got home from taking my 3 year old son to get stitches. The staff was amazing, and really took great care of my little guy. Thank you!
Amber M.
Very nice & clean, and friendly staff members as well. I would definitely refer a friend. Thank you for the pleasant experience.
Janear M.
Straight to the point quick and competent service
Kirk Z.
Great attention! Dr stitched me up. It was a quick turnaround. Highly recommend!!
Ulysses D.
Fast and efficient
sheryl w.
(Translated by Google) The best experiences! The doctor and the whole team were wonderful to me. I really appreciate your help !! (Original) La mejor d las experiencias!! La doctora y todo el equipo fue maravilloso conmigo. Agradezco muchísimo su ayuda!!
Liety S.
In an out very quick for my daughter's sports physical. Great experience!
Michelle P.
Very clean and professional. Front desk was very efficient. I was there a total of about 10 min. The doctor was very mice and explained the whole Covid testing procedure. Felt very comfortable and not painful at all.
Barbie H.
The staff was very cordial and safety centered they made me feel comfortable thank you
Lisa L.
Super quick and friendly. Thank you!
Rebecca L.
Efficient.. courteous... professional...friendly. Spotlessly clean well appointed facility.
Donald P.
Very good and fast
Sandra V.