Happy Doctor
After being misdiagnosed by my primary, I stopped by the immaculate MD Now off Jog Road in Boca where the thorough and thoroughly professional Dr.—Leung, I think it was? —diagnosed an “acute ear infection” and antibiotics. That was 12 days ago—and I’m cured. My new favorite doctor!
Hawkins R.
Everyone was really nice and willing to take the time to listen even though they were incredibly busy. Most efficient and clean location I have visited as well.
Savannah P.
Very descriptive with everything that was going on and how everything was going to go , very helpful and nice , great job doing the TB I hate needles and I didn’t even feel it thank you
jaudiggy c.
Fernando from front desk and check out really helped me out. Thanks for everything guys keep up the good work.
Camilo S.
Was quick and great custome service
DyVerze G.
Excellent service, rapide et courtois et très bon soins.
Jackie C.
Very good service at the reception. The doctor who attended us was very nice. Now, the nurse who gave my daughter the vaccine was wonderful. She managed to calm us down with a lot of love and took away all doubts. Many thanks to the team.
Wamberto M.
Good customer service I didn't get the young lady name at the front desk she was very respectful and friendly . Back office was also friendly thr young men friendly , great customer service kept a friendly smile
Samantha T.
They were so kind and so helpful. I am so grateful I went there.
Brittany T.
Short wait, pleasant staff
Shaniah C.
This was my first time visiting, I went in for Covid-19 testing. The place is very clean, the service was fast and the customer service was wonderful! I called before coming in and the phone customer service was wonderful also. I was skeptical because my first Covid-19 testing was horrible. The test here was conducted gently and they answered all my questions.
Brandy J.
Always good experience. Great and friendly doctors and fast service
Ozzie G.
Very kind staff, much appreciated!
Stephanie M.