Happy Doctor
Everyone was very nice and they got me in and out quickly. I received the proper medical attention I needed and I’m glad I chose to go to MD Now Urgent Care.
Anya C.
Great service staff is great
G-link C.
Was very quick and doctor was very empathetic
Jonathan L.
Very professional
Kita W.
Terrific people.
Yakov R.
Excellent Service
Julian P.
I had a wonderful experience at this place. I came for a pre-hire screening. Short wait time, very friendly and courteous staff and doctor, and the place has a calming and soothing decor , which is lacking in most other urgent care facilities. Highly recommended!!
amy B.
Lo atendieron rápido y nos refirieron a un hospital
Yara Q.
Great place great staff!
lymnn r.
Loved my experience, super fast and solved my main concern.
Cristina I.
Very quick, very professional, and very clean. Also just FYI, they are charging your insurance copay for a covid test now. Even you’ve had 1000 covid tests there over the last 12 months and were never charged, you’ll owe your copay now. Please stop arguing with the poor girls at the front. They don’t need your complaining about it, and it holds up the line. So now you know.
Erin K.
The waiting room was packed but the service once seemed was fast and professional
Shelley S.
Great Service
Ricardo S.