Happy Doctor
I had an extreme allergic reaction that, at first, looked like contact dermatitis. My mom called the dermatologist. The dermatologist office with 26 doctors didn’t have a single available slot. We went to my GP, and he called Delray Hospital to direct admit me to get me on a Benadryl IV Drip because I was in “stage four”. They said “we have no beds”. He argued with them that he had just discharged 5 patients - but they insisted that due to _____, they didn’t have anywhere to put me - even though my life was in danger. He told them that he was pre-admitting me and sending me through the Emergency Room then, and that when I arrived, I needed to immediately be put on an IV. They agreed. When we got to the ER, they said “it’s standing room only, we won’t be able to see her for four hours.” At this point, my chest is getting tighter, and I’m struggling more and more. Luckily my mom was there to advocate for me, and she continued to ask those at the desk when I would be placed on an IV. They once again stated that due to _____, they didn’t have any rooms or beds to put me in, so I would have to wait. At this point, I’m googling places that do IV drips, and we land on an MD Now Urgent Care. They saw me almost immediately, the doctor (who was absolutely fantastic) came in and took my blood pressure and said that I was officially in a state of shock. He gave me three injections: epinephrine, Benadryl, and a steroid. He also said that how those at Delray Hospital acted was extremely reckless and that they didn’t get to turn me away like they did - and that he was calling an ambulance to ENSURE that I was actually treated in the ER. At the ER and in the Ambulance they told me that the doctor at MD Now did EVERYTHING RIGHT to save my life. He treated me almost immediately and monitored me until I was in the ambulance. He was fantastic and I am literally alive today because of him. Thank you Dr. Mansour!!!
Audra P.
Want to say my experience was great from the start. When I called the person I spoke to was courteous. When I got there everyone at front desk was nice and helpful. Jose Who drew my blood was amazing. Total experience was A+
Frank D.
MA-Lisa and Dalida and Doctor Nora was so sweet and concerned about my health , they truly helped me a lot 5 star!!!!!!
Madriana P.
Made appointment online, pleasant welcoming/check in and out crew, nurses, & doctor. Thank you for making my intense body experience a lot gentler.
Jg B.
Good customer service ! And very quick ! Thank you !
betsyca p.
My daughter had an injury in her ankle, In less than an hour she had XR immobilized her ankle and we arre home. Very kind staff .
Yima C.
Great experience. Kind. Clean, fast, everything needed was on-site. Thorough. No appointment necessary if you are sick.
Thomas K.
The whole process was really fast. Staff was really nice, I recommend them to anyone!!
Christopher B.
Very good experience and profesional doctors.
Rares S.
Amazing staff and clean clinic. Would absolutely recommend to friends and family.
dairy b.
Nice Urgent care Staff is friendly, i would go back if I'm sick again,and the it nice and clean.
Carlette W.
Great Doctor and the girls at front desk today was amazing!
michelle a.
Clean, efficient and friendly staff. I highly recommend it.
Arlene J.