Happy Doctor
Awesome as soon I walked in I felt so comfortable, Front desk so professionally and nice,So nice in clean the air so refreshing I will recommend anyone to come here at this wonderful place it's like home everyone is so great and professional thank y'all guy's for y'all service amen.
Cecelia J.
I was helped with the paperwork by the receptionist she went out of her way. Iam great full. Staff treated me very well. I highly recommend
Rolando G.
It was super fast , clinic was clean , they employees are nice treat you with respect, very impressive.
Lopez C.
Very nice everybody was nice didn’t have to wait long.
Flo V.
Excellent experience. No long wait time. Very professional. I just moved here and do not have a primary doctor yet. I was relieved that they could help me and prescribe meds. Definitely recommend MD Now Urgent Care.
Catherine Z.
This place is great! the doctor gave me a lot of information. The front desk i think her name is nerack she was great!
Fast and convenient staff was great
thomas m.
Staff was polite and friendly during my visit. The check in process did not take long at all, I was seen in less than 10 minutes. Staff explained medicines they prescribed and sent them to the pharmacy of my choice So they were ready by the time I got there.
Ashley M.
Excellent service quick and knowledgeable.
Janine R.
I didn't wait long and the Staff is great!
Seretse C.
Best MD now experience I had out of all the other locations. Especially because of the sweet girl named Sham that works there. Ask for her to give you any injections because it doesn’t hurt at all when she gives, matter of fact you can’t even feel it. She’s Very knowledgeable, kind and friendly. Will come here again for sure even though it’s far from my house.
Dark S.
Always quick, in and out of there before I know it. Incredibly thorough.
Elana B.
Great service and environment. Very friendly and professional staff and very quick also.
Valeria C.