Happy Doctor
Urgent care...very sweet and considerate people. It gets very busy and the wait can be long, but as long as you stay nearby, they will call you that they are ready for you. I had a good experience and am thankful for this amazing team and their kind and funny doctor.
Elizabeth D.
From start to finish it was nothing but impeccable customer service. Having up to a four hour wait I was able to observe the front desk ladies deliver world class customer service. They were incredibly clear as to timeframes, understanding to those in need, offered alternative locations when they could no longer accept more clients, accommodating to those who wanted to wait outside by calling them in when needed, called those by phone that went out, patient with those who didn't have their insurance info and had to call their provider. In addition, I was able to watch them deal with a very nasty and negative "Karen" of which they did a fantastic job of holding their composure as she continue to threaten to call corporate. They did nothing more than let her know that the wait time was now over five hours and would take them well beyond their closing time. The nurses in the back were equally kind, patient, and clear with the result times. As a current teacher who used to be a quality customer service trainer, I was very impressed.
Michele R.
Got pneumonia, took three visits, but with the right meds, was able to recover in 3 weeks. Thanks
Ken R.
Some wait but the staff are all very friendly and helpful. The clinic is clean and well organized. The doctor was very good. He actually communicated clearly and very approachable. Left there feeling super satisfied, with the overall care.
Sylvia O.
Everyone was so friendly and polite. I would definitley recommend this clinic.
Traci L.
Great staff was amazing and Doctor was the best.....
Ralphy C.
I went to MDNow because I thought I had some type of food poisoning. Dr Mushtaq examined me and told me that I should go to the Emergency Room immediately for a CT scan. He thought I had diverticulitis or an appendicitis. I didn’t think that was what I had, but it was Sunday and I couldn’t see another doctor. Checked into the ER and turned out I had both. Waiting for the surgeon as I’m writing this. Thanks Doc
Susan R.
Exqusitamente limpio esel Centro de atencion, atencion rapida y detallada ademas de muy explicitos a la hora de dar la informacion que pide el paciente, muy agradables los del turno del dia 9/22/19....Gracias miles por el servicio que prestan!!1
sonia s.
Everyone was very nice and I was in and out very quickly. Great friendly team of ladies! Will definitely be going back!
Karen B.
Excellent place and service. The staff is very kind. The place are very peaceful and clean. The attention is very professional.
Sulma P.
The nicest team ever. Especially we’re having a four-year-old getting a Covid test. Everybody was so helpful. Very clean facility especially since we are in town visiting. I am coming probably only a 10 minute wait
Devin F.
Professional and very caring people!
M H.
Great attention fast
Maria L.

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