Happy Doctor
I'm given a 5 Star review just because the staff is working hard and during this pandemic we are facing is a 5 star rating in itself.
Gerald R.
Great attention, super fast! Thank you!
Alexis C.
Took only 45 minutes to see the doctor after completing the patient info forms - next to the x-rays technician and back to see the doctor. Unheard of to received prompt medical attention. Had I chosen to go to the local ER, I would have been there several hours. Hope I don't need MDNow Urgent Care anytime soon, but should the need arise, I will certainly return to this location. Thanks for you excellent care.
Fred H.
The receptionist was so friendly and very professional having me sign in quickly and I saw a doctor within 15 minutes of my arrival. The doctor quickly diagnosed my ear problem and the nurse flushed out my ears gently and I was on my way home within 30 minutes. It was a very pleasant experience. I have been to this practice many times and I would definitely recommend them!
Natalie A.
Went there with what could have been an emergency infection issue - and I wasn’t sure if I should go there or the ER, since I don’t have insurance. They were extremely kind and friendly and were able to give me help (antibiotic shot). The nurse Linda was super friendly and caring. I was relieved to receive good care and kindness, this is what you really need when you are facing a difficult situation. Im grateful for their help.
Boca J.
Very helpful staff and almost no wait. Went there already two times and both times left very satisfied. Thank you!
Alla F.
Clean, efficient, friendly, professional
Jerry Z.
We were seen very quickly and the staff was very professional, thoughtful and fast! We definitely recommend this place!
Coleen A.
Quick service
Tristan J.
Really convenient, great staff, very clean, always on time.
Carmen L.
I loved MD Now Urgent Care..they took excellent care of my husband..also we did not have to wait long at all..the woman at the front desk was extremely nice..so was the Doctor..would definitely recommend this Clinic to everyone that I know..very good experience..
Kathleen K.
I saw a doctor for a work related injury. The nurse explained all the way what she was going to do next. Very noligeable and doctor were good too.
Lucille B.
The staff is courteous and professional. Both Cassandras were great. The doctor was very competent and knowledgeable. I would go back to these staff members again.
Paul R.