Happy Doctor
The staff was so kind and welcoming even with all the patients and shortages they were experiencing!!
Alicia A.
I say WOW!!!!! The place is very clean and homey. Decorated very nicely. The staff is over the top. Very very courteous, knowledgeable and professional. Very nice pens to write with. The quicker you get out of there depends on you (how soon you give them your information) they are very quick. No wait. They waste no time. They are respectful, they answer all your questions and everyone is willing to help you. Everyone smiles and they are soooooo caring. They all hope you feel better. Definitely going back if I need care and I am telling all my friends about this place. Love it !!!!!!!
Favor P.
My experience at MD now was seamless. I had fallen and thought I sprained my wrist, but after a week of distress I went for x-rays. As I suspected it was more than a sprain, it was broken. The nurse was very well educated and helpful. The doctor, Dr. Swanson, was totally on point with his diagnosis verified by the x-rays. Within 45 minutes I was tended to and out the door with a splint and sling,. A referral for an orthopedist and my prescription was also called in to my pharmacy. The level of care is A+ at the Royal Palm Beach MD Now. Thank you all!
Shirley B.
This for Joan she was very impressed with doctor and said her time with was well spent
John M.
Excellent service and attention. The whole Staff were great! And the facility was very clean and neat!
Fred M.
Great service. Staff is kind and caring. Place is very clean. My whole family now goes there
Marie R.
Very efficient and very polite reception. Real pros.
Yves G.
Very minimal wait time, friendly staff and the doctor was awesome! He had a great up beat energy about him that made my son feel super comfortable about being at the doctors. Highly recommend this MD Now!
Tana M.
Excellent and timely customer service. I arrived a little after 8am and was seen immediately after checking in. This new establishment is clean and pleasant. Doctor was professional, triage staff courteous.
Holly B.
Very helpful and caring staff!
dawn B.
Very helpful staff and almost no wait. Went there already two times and both times left very satisfied. Thank you!
Alla F.
I have unfortunately had many visits. Excellent service! I wish I could use them as my primary
Yvette W.
Fast, efficient, courteous, clean It was a great visit. Everyone was so professional Will definitely use them again
Patricia M.