Happy Doctor
Great place. Just as a safety measure to save you time and grief always take a paper prescription since sometimes the electronic version does not work.
Joshua R.
The staff at the MDNow at Royal Palm Beach is just the best! Good healthcare and nice people.
Jennifer B.
Best service
Roberto R.
Overall very satisfied by the professionalism of the staff and the short wait time. I would recommend MD Now to anyone who might need their services! If I could “suggest” one small change: one item seemed to be omitted from the electronic sign in on the iPad: under the ethnicity selection, there was no selection for “white”. “White-non hispanic” was not present either, so all I could do is select “none of the above”. I find this a very strange oversight. Before anyone claims the R word, I am the most open and accepting person there is, I am just pointing out a glaring omission. Thank you for your service.
Sparty 9.
Always great service here! Cheryl was very nice and attentive wheeled me around for anything I needed, I was on one leg, and Cheryl was really was attentive and helpful! Couldn’t ask for more. Very nice staff! Dustin the DO showed great judgment and did a good job, that’s a good doctor!
True T.
The initial wait was about as long as expected, service was very solid, and when I finally saw Doctor Swanson, he had me in and out in mere minutes with an accurate diagnosis and prescription. Very cool staff, very pleasant experience. They even had the little lollipops on the way out that I recognized from the doctors offices when I was a kid. Loved to see that. Didn't take one but I'm glad they were there.
A D.
Quick in and out...thorough, professional and polite
tom H.
Every thing was perfect I am glad I came here
Mayra R.
My first time getting a Covid test and I picked the perfect place. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The test was quick and painless!
Nelida A.
Excellent service. Fast and very knowledgeable doctors and nurse assistants
Martha L.
Everyone very curtious and professional. Examined quickly...attending physician attentive and knowledgeable. Highly satisfied.
Barbara H.
Great place to take go take a Drug test
Zanny's W.
I have been coming down to Boynton Beach for about 30 years and ever since this walk-in clinic started here, I have used it. I am terribly affected by insect bites of all kinds and have appreciated so much the help I get to get over the effects quickly and then to go on enjoying my time here. They are quick, friendly and sympathetic. I sometimes just tell them to look at my past records and then it is so easy. I never need pain meds just steroids once in a while or an antibiotic. I get strep on and off as well. The wait can be an hour or so but since I am here in peak times I understand that. Today I was in and out in under 15 minutes with a shot of steroids for $50 and the appointment was $150. I have a written script for antibiotics and an oral steroid. Yippee!!
Darci S.

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