Happy Doctor
The staff is really courteous and they also took the time to explain the process. I was really pleased with the experience.
Ludger F.
Entire staff was phenomenal! From the moment I hobbled in (torn calf muscle) the front desk staff was friendly, quick and efficient as they had all my information saved from a previous visit. The intake nurse made sure to bring me to the closest room to take my vitals and asked me questions pertinent to my injury. She was well versed in sports related injuries which put me at ease as I had done my research and her knowledge due to her athletic career really alleviated any of my unknowns. While waiting for the Doctor, the same intake nurse, checked on me as she knew I was in terrible pain and kept me updated as to timeframe (which was not long at all). The Doctor was fabulous. He diagnosed me perfectly & advised me that I would heal MUCH quicker than I had thought. His medication regimen has been spot on - nothing along the lines of unnecessary pain medication but strictly prescription steroids/anti-inflammatories and OTC ointments to keep the area cool. (I am using a cane to ensure I place no pressure on the leg / calf). I would strongly recommend MD Now Urgent Care on Linton to anyone. I had an emergency, was a walk (hobble)-in and was done with the appointment in less than an hours. Kudos to the entire staff!! Thank you all so much!!!
Jennifer A.
Everyone there was so helpful and nice. Thank you so much for taking me right away. I had had a stroke a week ago. And they diagnosed and treated me, shot and medication so I could get well quickly.
Cheryl R.
I went here due to a respiratory infection and my need for medications to treat it while on vacation. I was in and out in less then 45 minutes to include a breathing treatment and a shot of steroids. The Doctor was incredibly friendly and helpful. This was by far my most pleasant experience at an Urgent Care Facility anywhere in the United States. I would come back here in a heartbeat in the future.
Andres M.
They were accommodating and let me know the first time I arrived that the wait would be long. When I returned a couple hours later. They were attentive and professional.
Paige C.
Lab technician was super polite and explained step by step what i needed to do. Excelente service.
Viviana G.
Absolutely excellent customer service, they'll go above and beyond to make sure you're content with your visit thank you again
Nolij .
Very good staff Efficient check in system Clean environment
Joanie D.
Short wait times, convenient location, very friendly and helpful medical staff. I have been a few times over the course of 2 years and the medical staff have always taken their time to listen and fully understand any issues I describe before moving ahead with a diagnosis.
Thaddeus B.
This is the best location I have been at! Dr. Eberheart is so incredible and helpful. I went to several doctors and they were unable to help me out figure an issue within myself. I met Dr. Eberheart and he was able to figure out my issue. This location’s staff is friendly and it’s never a long wait! Coming here is a great decision to make!
Milca J.
Every time I come here I get fast, reliable service. All the staff, nurses and doctors are kind and ready to help.
Joanna O.
Only 1 hour from the time I stepped through the door till I was leaving with my prescriptions!! Great care and nice staff!
Peg G.
It was Easy. Not too much of a wait. Professional and large enough space for distance Clean and Organized Results come back Within 30 hours. Easy Swab. Better then most of them. Conveniently located Plenty of parking 6pm. Hope results are as good lol
Natalie M.