Happy Doctor
There was a long wait since it was the day after a holiday but the doctor was worth it he was really smart very kind. I think all the nurses and clerks that were there when I’m sure they didn’t want to be on the Friday after Thanksgiving
Celinda S.
We had to take our daughter in because she's been sick with flu-like symptoms for about a week. Once we arrived, we were greeted by Randy at the Front Desk, who was very pleasant and informative as to what we needed to do. My daughter was very weak and coughing nonstop. Once inside, she was seen not only by one nurse, but by two nurses, Andrew Smith and George Fong, who couldn't have been more compassionate and understanding with my daughter. Dr. Andar then came in and evaluated her in detail, ultimately prescribing her antibiotics and throat medication. He was very patient and answered all our questions. I was so impressed with the attention and professionalism of everyone we came in contact with that I asked to speak with the manager and advised him of such. I highly recommend this facility. Thank you to the staff at MD Now Urgent Care on Bird Road!!!
Peter D.
Everyone here was really friendly from the check in counter to the Dr. himself. They were punctual in their estimate for how long it would take for me to get seen, almost to the exact minute. Free water bottles in the waiting area, which is a really nice little touch.
Kimberly P.
This is a clean and nice place to go for a urgent care. good attitude for all employees and Drs. Thanks for your services.
Carlos R.
The staff was all very friendly, pleasant and understanding considering the unrelenting volume of Covid testing they’re doing and the fatigue they must feel. You can book a Covid appointment online, but you can also walk in. It’s first come, first served. Without an appointment, we were still seen very quickly.
Brittany M.
The staff is exelent. Rapid service and professional.
Carlos D.
In August 2020, I had a pelvic CT scan, which involved an injection of iodine as a contrast agent. I had never had iodine before, but I quickly discovered that I had a severe allergy to it. A few days later, my skin was extremely red, I developed a fever, and I felt terrible. I needed immediate treatment. I chose MD Now for my urgent care. This was my first visit to MD Now. The staff person was very helpful, and I was seen by Dr. Gil Fernandez within a few minutes. He treated me with understanding, competence, and compassion. He knew exactly what to prescribe: Methylprednisolone and Cetirizine. These drugs were precisely what I needed, and within 5-6 days, I was back to normal. I was very pleased with the treatment that I received at MD Now, and I would highly recommend this clinic for anyone who is in need of urgent care.
Neal W.
Staff was very friendly and they take walk ins where many of the clinics in Port St. Lucie turn you away bc they say they are at full capacity and you have to make appts on line now but you find that out after you get to their offices. MD Now is a great facility and they don’t keep pushing covid dx or testing and you may just have a sinus infection or other illness.
Shannon K.
Dr Diane Thompson was phenomenal. She listened and treated me with respect. Dr Thompson's bedside manner was EXCELLENT.
Nicole A.
Buena atención y pueden realizarte los exámenes aquí mismo
I was a walk-in today at MD Now. Sylvia D. was the receptionist that helped me at my arrival. She was very kind and patient with me which is so appreciated! Thank you, Sylvia!
Adriana T.
The receptionist and nurse were friendly and supportive. I enjoyed my visit
David R.
Thank you to ALL the staff at MD Now!!! Front desk excellent, listened to me as the patient! Saw Francisco Espinoza, very impressive young man, EXCELLENT people and medical skills and listened to my issue! Rosie that took my history and my X-rays to prove I indeed had a Bakers Cyst behind my knee and some bone on bone issues on. Referral to Orthopedic Dr. Wow for me to be impressed after 45 years as a Histologist I know a talented P.A. listener skills and caring!!! MD Now is lucky to have such great staff, very appreciated by me as the patient. My primary care never sent me for an orthopedic referral after 9 months of complaining about my walking!!! Sent me to Neurosurgeon that said it was my back and my neck!! Hello I can’t walk!!!! In one easy session a primary issue was found! I will follow up as suggested by Francisco and I have appreciated his services! An outstanding Physicians Assistant! Thank you so much, so glad I went to this amazing facility!
Randi R.