Happy Doctor
This place is the best I should have used my better judgment and went to them on Tuesday instead I went to another urgent care on the recommendation by a friend which I will not mention the facility but was missed diagnosed and only got worse. So today 11-18-21 I went to MDNOW and the dr. I saw was very nice the entire staff was nice I will never go anywhere else from now on. Thank you for seeing me and treating me I got relief with in an hour of them giving me a steroid shot and also gave me other meds and now home resting.
Shelly S.
The staff was very professional and friendly!
Victoria R.
they were very professional & helpful
Robert B.
Dude this is the BEST URGENT CARE IVE EVER BEEN. They gave me all the medication that I need an asked for including a Z pack, prednisone, and cough syrup for my sore throat. Not only did they help me out with that they also gave me two other prescriptions that I haven’t gone to see my doctor for that they gave me two of those and was seen within 20 minutes of walking in. Would not recommend any other clinic in the downtown Fort Lauderdale area also Ramona R and Dr. Sophia Theodorou
Cedric V.
Great staff , Friendly fast service and very knowledgeable doctors
Shaktilydian 7.
They treated me very well. Nicole Offenberg was especially nice and they helped my condition very well.
Sandy P.
Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.
Liza N.
Fast service. Very informative. Latoya was so friendly and the PA definitely took the time to do a thorough assessment. In and out within 35 minutes.
Julissa C.
Had to wait a couple hours but the staff , nurses and Dr were very nice and helpful.
Maria W.
Nice place. Good attention.
Yasmin P.
Great attention! Dr stitched me up. It was a quick turnaround. Highly recommend!!
Ulysses D.
Very clean, staff is friendly and helpful.
Shelby P.
It was a long wait. But from the front desk, to being serviced with patient care…I would recommend them..The whole team was very nice..
Polly B.