Happy Doctor
Was seen very promptly, but they forgot to sent my scripts to the pharmacy, went home called them ( pharmacy) no prescription so I tried calling no answer had to go all the way back to straighten it out all while sick as a dog! No sorry or anything should have gotten a voucher for less money I pay them next time as I self pay
Linda L.
Very organized. Gave me a time range for wait. Took my phone number and called when I was close to being call. Much better than other urgent care centers I’ve been to.
Meg I.
I was in excruciating pain from the base of my neck all the way down my shoulder and elbow fingers. I hadn't slept in a week. Even though it was Sunday afternoon I decided to go. I'm so glad I did. I got in almost immediately. The nurse and the doctor came in with such a wonderful demeanor. He knew right away with the problem was and was able to call in prescriptions did I got right away. Believe me when I say I am so happy I went and I will go back there every time I need to. Thank you again
William C.
Sylvia was of great help, she made sure every questioned at the front desk was answered the correct way. Great atmosphere
OhRunning .
Great experience everything was done quick and effectively all staff were very friendly and helpful
Gennie C.
Walked in sick...no waiting....i got the 5 star royal treatment as diagnosing and treating my condition. Test were run with explanation....when it still was unclear of my diagnosis they ran another test, then chest x-rays. At last..here comes a shot in the butt (which didn't hurt), all along we're being told what & why. Went home with 4 scripts to much needed bed rest. If I had gone to a hospital the experience outcome would have been different. What a blessing you are to me & my family.
Wanda P.
was a great experience glad we went thank you all. The staff were all great
myron g.
Quick visit, friendly staff.
George M.
Quick, in & out
wh b.
I have been to this location about 4 times in 10 years. I'm never disappointed with the doctors and a staff member religiously calls me afterwards to know how I'm doing. It's great to know this service.
Soraya F.
So far the service and the personnel have been outstanding. Short waiting time too.
Maria E.
Kind and professional. Very good experience.
Deborah V.
Excellent service.
Karen L.