Happy Doctor
I moved from a different state and I thought bringing my kids in to get their school physicals done would be a difficult process. I spoke to Caroline, who was so courteous over the phone and she explained everything in detail about the office policy on school physicals. The staff and office itself was pleasant and made the visit very easy for myself and the kids.
Lana K.
The best clinic. Thank you y much!!!
Silvio J.
Quick and painless!
Cathy S.
Prepay for an airline drug screen account? its bulk business. They almost switched clinics again, I offered to pay, declined by "good cop & bad cop"? Beyonce & Solange Knowles? A couple of edgy chick's at the desk; no credit & no self pay. I went back to my employer with "the skinny" to get em paid. Upon my return they cranked me thru the system fast. In no time I was facing likkle nurse cutiepie and her samples. "would you like to wash your hands?" she chirped. It all went smoothly, all in masks in the waiting room. No sick people, just a few "sickbay commandos" ditching work. Good fast food medical, but have payment in place they're settling accounts and the sisters can only leave a message & you'll leave a skeleton at that speed....
Boat D.
Easy and affordable physical for my son. They were actually more thorough than his pediatrician and only $35. I will be bringing my other son for his school physical. I called and got in right away. I went to the PGA location off Prosperity.
Diane’ P.
Very good place. Everything so organized, so clean. The people at the front desk very professional. The doctor was so nice with my 10yo daughter. Highly recommended.
Leila T.
Great staff, everyone in the office is respectful and kind and they move quickly.
Kiera J.
I needed a Covid-19 test because was feeling under the weather and I was literally in and out in record time. Less than 20 minutes from coming in to leaving. So thankful, especially when not feeling well. All staff super friendly. Great experience
Renee .
Great Office staff and a wonderful doctor. I highly recommend their services.
Dr. S.
Very friendly , gave precise info . Took me very quickly .
Dawn K.
I’m very pleased with the treatment and service I received at MD Now. The wait time isn’t too bad, especially if you’re naturally a patient individual, but the immediate care you receive makes it worth your while. Definitely would recommend.
Angel J.
I went on a Sunday around noon. After filling out the registration form l was able to see a Doctor's assistant within 5 minutes. She wrote up my symptoms and did vital sign testing. Within 10 minutes l saw a doctor who gave me a simple analysis of why l had suddenly developed a pain in my left lung every time l took a breath. It was due to a pulled muscle around my shoulder blade. Very good diagnosis. It relieved me of anxiety. And he prescribed a medicated cream to relieve the sore muscle. The entire experience was efficient and correct.
Sharon R.
Took time to truly help. Great experience!
Mary S.