Happy Doctor
Magníficas instalaciones y asociados muy amantes y eficientes felicitaciones lo recomiendo al 100 %
.nelly R.
Very polite and understanding, not too long of a wait time
TheVikingGamer .
Great service. I'm and our. I would definitely recommend.
Imtaz D.
I came in with a raging cold that had gone to my lungs, and they handled it beautifully. I came back a few weeks later with Rotator cuff problems and had an appointment and they got me in within 20 mins of my appointment. Still satisfied.
Jackie H.
Very clean, staff is friendly and helpful.
Shelby P.
I had my stitches removed here and it was SO MUCH more convenient than going to my doctor. Also, my doctor didn't use anything to numb the pain of the stitches removal when I had previously gone back for that. They just used a scalpel on my hand for 38 stitches with no lidocaine or anything. No bueno. MD Now did it without pain or drama. Go here.
Sarah E.
After waiting in your clinic quite a long time...it was worth waiting for. Your staff is WONDERFUL. VERY KIND..AND EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGABLE. IT was worth the wait. Ill be back again and again!!!!!
gail n.
Place just opened, not super busy, staff is very nice and got me in and out.
Sean H.
MD Now lighthouse Point…. I was a super late check in. Got there 20 minutes before close. Got a wood chip in my eye. They got me in and out within 15 minutes. I can’t express the gratification and relief I have as a result of this crew. Thank you!
Jon O.
I sliced my finger on Christmas eve, thankfully I live right across the street and made it there before closing. I was in shock, so I wish I would've gotten the names of the guy nurse and the dr that stitched me up. They were so awesome, friendly and made me laugh. They made the experience a bit enjoyable for my 1st time getting stitches.
Rachel W.
Quick in and out with great service!
Darlene C.
Good service
Luis T.
Staff polite, pleasant interaction made whole process smooth.
Ladychin G.