Happy Doctor
I couldn’t be happier with the thoroughness of both the doctor & nurse. They also had great personalities and a pleasant demeanor.
Dan D.
I’m very upset with MD NOW. I saw Dr.Smart on 4/7 and she was wonderful. She prescribed me an antibiotic, Cefdinir and unfortunately after 3 days I was having EXTREME diarrhea. When I looked on line at side effects, this was the #1 side effect. Called on Sunday, held on the line for 15 minutes, got disconnected, therefore I went directly to the office. No one was in the waiting room and they told me they would email Dr Smart and she would call me and contact my pharmacy with a new antibiotic. This morning nothing has been sent nor has anyone contacted me. I called again and spoke with Patrick, he would email Dr Smart again unless I wanted to be seen AGAIN by the Dr now. I was appalled..all I want is my antibiotic changed. There is no reason to see me! I’m just amazed at how no one is responsible nor do they go the next step yo help an existing patient out. To say the least, this system needs to be reevaluated and a new one implemented to help the patient
Gina S.
Went for Johnson Johnson vaccine. Was in and out no hassle no wait Professional staff immaculate clean environment.
James .
The clinic was very busy, regardless of that every staff member took their time to be pleasant and accommodating. It was extremely clean inside as well.
Jordyn W.
Staff was polite and friendly during my visit. The check in process did not take long at all, I was seen in less than 10 minutes. Staff explained medicines they prescribed and sent them to the pharmacy of my choice So they were ready by the time I got there.
Ashley M.
It was spotless… the staff was very professional and friendly… wait time was minimal
Bernadette P.
The best of the best of the best!!!!!! I fell down slick stairs in my condo building and fell on my arm and could literally see the bones !!!!!! And this amazing team got me in and did everything necessary and put me back together! The staff is so nice and skilled !!!!! Thanks
Scott B.
The ambient is very clean and pleasant; Staff members are great, especially medical assistant Linda. Dr was very sharp. I recommend this place.
Tania F.
Much better than it was 3 years ago. I was in and out in about an hour. Needed a pre-op physical.
Mary S.
The best service I've ever had while getting medical care. Doctors and staff were very nice and friendly. They apologized for the wait. But honestl, I've spent more time waiting at Jackson and their centers with an appointment than I did as a walk-in at this place.
Elektra B.
Great staff plus very short wait time for myself and the other patients that were waiting before me.
Allen L.
Thank you Leila and Michelle for helping me with my covid test today at the cutler bay location.
oswaldo p.
Staff is helpful & courteous. Dr always helps me with my allergic reactions & I get relief within hours. I'm grateful to get the help I need without going to emergency room.
Tara M.