Happy Doctor
This location is modern and clean. The front desk staff was very friendly and wait time was minimal. The nurse and doctor were helpful and kind. Overall this was a positive experience.
Denise F.
I have never in my life went out my way to post a review however the other day when I went to the md now on Palm beach lakes and my experience was AWESOME I MEAN THE BEST SERVICE EVER BY OLIVIA LUZ :) she definitely went above and beyond very professional ... ( I even shared my experience with my boyfriend as soon as I got in the car)
kesha a.
Nice peoples here to me as a foreigner!
Maurice W.
Been here a couple times, was seen within 15 minutes. This place has good capacity for testing and doing many urgent procedures. The staff is friendly, professional and accommodating. Have your insurance info, health savings account, etc ready. They're great with kids too.
Dee g.
Did an employment drug screening. Staff was very nice and processed everything quickly. Very clean facility.
Gen. L.
Very fast and efficient. No waiting. Physician's Assistant and nurse were both friendly and very competent.
Lannis w.
Wonderful experience! Fast, friendly, and affordable.
christie k.
They were polite, knowledgeable and efficient. What else could anyone want?! Also no wait!
Leah W.
Friendly, accurate and quick.
It was nice. Very cool, informative and helpful people. Super knowledgeable about everything.
Lawrence N.
Very good service. Better than ER.
Sara B.
I needed to get refills on my meds (due to losing my job and my insurance soon to expire) and not being able to get an appointment with my primary doctor before my insurance expired. They were able to get me in, ask a few questions, run a test on my blood, and called in my prescriptions. I was in the office 20 minutes, tops. I highly recommend MD NOW URGENT CARE to any and all. They did a great job for me, I know they will do the same for everyone that comes in. Thank You!!
Thomas B.
Physician was professional and efficient - staff was very kind.
Carolyn S.