Happy Doctor
I came to Miami with my 7 year old daughter, we landed 6 hours earlier and hung out at a friends house before we checked in to the hotel. On the car ride to the hotel, my daughter complained of her eye itching. Of course she kept rubbing it and made it worse. Her eye was almost completely shut when we pulled into urgent care. We had all of our luggage with us. The staff was very nice and accommodating and allowed me to put my luggage in another room while me daughter was getting treated. The entire staff was great and the doctor assessed the situation and wrote a prescription for my daughter. Her swelling went down overnight and she is fine.
Liani O.
Took time to truly help. Great experience!
Mary S.
Very fast very clean. Workers were very polite
Rafael C.
Great costumer service, awesome people! 100% recommended!
Jose B.
Very good experience. The front desk person was friendly and efficient and the doctor was very well informed and caring. I was in and out on less than a half hour.
Shayna A.
The facility was absolutely clean. From check in, seeing the PA to leaving everyone was friendly efficient and great.
Keith J.
Dr. was super nice, caring and very informative. And other staff were very nice also.
R E.
Very smooth operation...
Great N.
Quick, simple, clean, great service and friendly staff.
Michael M.
Nurse & PA were excellent. Thank you for the service and treatment provided.
Diana R.
Love this place. I can always count on the providers there to give the time, attention and detail to myself or my children when I bring them in for sick visits.
Shameka G.
I had an emergency regarding my face. They were closing but stayed to make sure I was ok. Nice, efficient, considerate, lovely surroundings. Cared that I was very nervous and assured me that it could be treated with antibiotics. Thank you, recommend greatly for seniors. Toni Rosenberg
Toni R.
The facility was clean and staff was extremely friendly. My experience was excellent!
Sharifa C.