Happy Doctor
Had a great experience and the faculty was clean. Thanks for the quick assessment and excellent front desk assistance. I recommend this facility to others.
A V.
I went in for a Covid test since I had been exposed to Covid. I had my shots in February. I signed in and filled out a form. In a short while I was called into a room where they did the swab test. The nurse told me how to get results. Everyone was courteous and efficient. I was surprised at the short wait time.
Gaile B.
Very pleasant and friendly staff, clean and warm environment very patient as well, I recommend this urgent care facility.
Wonderful and pleasant team here at this office! The provider was really sweet and attentive. This place is my second home!
Vicquella M.
I left Care Spot to come to MD Now, what a difference! The facility was clean and welcoming, the staff was super kind, the Dr. took his time to listen to my concerns. The place was great. The only complaint I have was waiting on the Dr. after they took my vitals was kind of long, but I assume it was due to the quality of care and attention the Dr. paid to the patients before me.
Grant E.
I was so impressed with this MD Now. From the check-in process, to the medical assistant to the physician and check out it was all exceptional. Dr. Vo gave me plenty of time and was very thorough. I spent my entire career in healthcare and am usually hypercritical of health care in Florida. Today's experience has made me realize it IS possible to obtain good care here. I highly recommend this location!
Susan .
Patient, kind, caring. The provider was very helpful.
Deb S.
Because Miss Samantha is very good lady she give me good service my niece don’t speak English she help her w patience Iam very Happy
Norma L.
Appointment was quick and efficient,
Bob D.
Very professional. No wait.
Laura S.
Great service. I was seen 5 minutes after I signed in. The nurse and doctor were great. I was very happy with the quality of service.
villeroy88 .
Great service, I will always come here for my urgent health needs, very professional
Misael D.
Hi, MD is a very friendly place and very family oriented, I absolutely recommend this place for everyone who needs help fast
Patricia I.