Happy Doctor
Great experience! Kanitha W. And Dr. Guttmann were great. Fast and friendly service! Clean and pleasant environment. Thank you!
Heather S.
Front desk is very professional and nice. The doctor was quick and pleasant as well. Overall a good experience.
Stacy H.
Friendly staff. Professional. I will go there again
Burt F.
I wish I could give more stars. I went in last Friday literally as they were closing the office. I really didn't want to spend a miserable night in the ER as I had an early flight the next morning, and I was hoping they could help. I was honestly expecting for them to tell me they were done seeing patients and to basically get lost, but they took me and were just the nicest, caring people, even though I caused them to stay late on a Friday night. This is a big thank you to Christine, Whitney, Benson and Anthony for showing care and concern when all you probably wanted to do was go home after a long day at work. You all went the extra mile and made me feel so much better. I made my flight the next day and feel 100% back to normal now. Seriously, thank you!
Jackie K.
Very fast and easy registration process. Waiting room very clean and not busy. Got in very quickly. Staff is very friendly and efficient.
Wendy R.
Great service,
Ken k.
i called yesterday 1/21/21 to ask them how to make an appointment for a covid test; they informed me that there is no appointments, it’s walk-in and first come first serve. they told me they open at 8am so i woke up early today to go get tested and i expected a long wait. i was pleasantly surprised when the waiting room was completely empty, not one other person waiting. i was the first in line. they took my Id & insurance card & i only waited about 30 seconds before being called in by a very polite doctor. the woman doing my testing was very polite, the doctor asked if i had any questions before they started, i got my nose swabbed and i was done. i was in & out in less than 10 minutes (this is great as i do not want to be exposed to extra germs if possible)being in the medical field myself, i know when a facility has great staff and i can tell when they are well trained or not. i am very pleased with their professionalism & want to give them the recognition they deserved. front desk staff was pleasant & respectful. i would go there again if i need to, as it is a few blocks from my house. great service & i highly recommend this MD Now!
Andrea L.
Very friendly staff. I struggle at times with anxieties and they really have such a calming demeanor it made my experience so much better. I came in for pink eye and the doctor was very nice and each member had a smile . I appreciate that small kindness. It goes a long way with some people . Thank you all.
Elias V.
Love this place. The staff is very attentive. The Doctors great. They always ask questions and listen as you speak. Thank goodness we have them.
Nancy O.
30 min wait included paperwork, intake and Doc were professional. They did their job. A+
Shimmy C.
Did not have a long wait. Everyone was nice and professional. If anything urgent comes up again I would go back to this facility.
Esther R.
I went there my knee is swollen and inflamed. You guys are the best! You took great care of me! Thank you!
raeann h.
The office has a very friendly and professional staff. I was treated by Bisma, the PA. She was so knowledgeable, friendly, and had a comforting attitude.
Ednise S.