Happy Doctor
I did not have to wait long, the staff was very professional and addressed my issue. I would highly recommend this office
Ray K.
Prompt, professional service and care
Sybil W.
Wow, I have never appreciated an MD Now as much as I do this location. I have been going to them for a few months and they have been so incredibly helpful every time. From the staff to the doctors, everyone treats you with respect and kindness and it makes a huge difference. They also work really hard for their patients. One time I came in and the medications they had given didn't work and, while they were unable to just write me a new script, the office manager waived my large copay and I was able to come in again and get the meds I needed. I just had to go to another MD Now in Boca, and they were the opposite. Not very helpful, long waiting times, etc. Not this location! It's the people that work here that make such a difference with their real drive to help their patients
Eloise L.
Every MD Now I've been to is very professional and helpful. Their firm advice that I needed to go to the hospital last week may have saved me from the serious if not fatal consequences of very high blood pressure. I assumed my chest tightness was simply anxiety. I followed their advice of going to the local ER and was admitted for an overnight evaluation. Although unexpected and scary, I had a thorough heart evaluation and blood work to rule out any problems in those areas. I was prescribed blood pressure medication and discharged the next day. I feel much better physically and thankful they insisted I go to the ER as needed. My highest regard and appreciation to this valuable health resource. Linda
linda j.
First if you make an appointment online it’s not really an appointment when you get there anyone that is in front of you goes first.. so there is no making an appointment online. Second I did get to see the doctor he was extremely efficient thorough and very nice. I would definitely recommend going here!
Chuck L.
Fast & caring. Professional staff are the best.
enchanteddrmzceo .
Was excellent my app today, the staff súper profesional, I recommended that center 100 %
Yoselin C.
Fast service, I made appointment on line, doctor and staff friendly and I was out in less than 15 minutes. They called in my prescription to pharmacy I chose nearby. Recommend fir any medical needs.
Ivy D.
Very professional and helpful for me as I was on vacation when injured my eye.
Bob M.
Excellent service and care even on Thanksgiving Eve.
thomas l.
Great customer service. The front desk was nice and explained everything I needed to understand. The lady who did my test was funny, sweet and very disrespectful.
Adi C.
very clean, very friendly and helpful and professional
Alan D.
The wait was a little long but I assume that’s because they were busy (which they were). The Doc was super friendly and to the point which I appreciate immensely. All in all, good trip
Danny R.