Happy Doctor
I’m from north florida, i came to visit family here and after driving around with my sick 7 month old to carespot, pediatric associates, minute clinic urgent care clinics, sadly she was denied care for different excuses from age to young to a “booked” walk in schedule. MD Now Deerfield Beach were the only ones to accept my babygirl immediately and provided prompt care. Dr Carlos is very thorough and we left happy with the care provided. Excellent Service. Thank you Dr. Carlos and staff at MDNow!
Jamie M.
The doctor was knowledgable and thoughtful in the care she provided. I appreciated her patience and empathy in listening to my symptoms and explaining her diagnosis in a way that my anxieties I had about my condition were addressed.
Cameron .
Excellent attention, staff and Doctor , great !!!!!
Jiminies j.
The service I requested was not urgent, however I have been taking care with almost no waiting time.
Marylyn J.
Everyone was very kind and helpful.
Tonia H.
Staff was very friendly and helpful
Megan D.
They have good doctor , medical and from desk
Mercy L.
Outstanding service during difficult and chaotic times. My wife and I got anti-body testing. The Boca location is very efficiently run with highly professional staff, top to bottom. We were very impressed and told their team if our satisfaction. Well done!!
Richard O.
I am very grateful to have a place to go to in an emergency situation. The staff is very professional and so willing to help I don’t have to wait around when I’m in pain or be looked down on . The staff are just willing and ready to help thank you very much for hiring such knowledgeable , professional staff
Bonita C.
Every time I go they are very friendly and the wait isn't long at all. They are very prompt!!!
Lillian D.
Very efficient clinic. Everyone was so nice! I was grateful to find this place while traveling.
Catherine B.
My sweet husband had a car accident and was seen at an ER. 2 days later, we came into this urgent care for a follow up for his knees. We got better care and much more information here than we did in the emergency room. The staff is lovely and the doctor was very thorough and attentive.
Minette P.
Great place. Short wait and pleasant staff. Thank you.
Rolando R.