Happy Doctor
I’m from north florida, i came to visit family here and after driving around with my sick 7 month old to carespot, pediatric associates, minute clinic urgent care clinics, sadly she was denied care for different excuses from age to young to a “booked” walk in schedule. MD Now Deerfield Beach were the only ones to accept my babygirl immediately and provided prompt care. Dr Carlos is very thorough and we left happy with the care provided. Excellent Service. Thank you Dr. Carlos and staff at MDNow!
Jamie M.
Very quick and friendly service!
Kevin L.
I wasn’t my first time there, but again my greatest appreciation for this MD Now services. Although there were people ahead of me I was seen by the dr in less than 20 minutes… very clean, organized and professional I felt better just by being there !
Ada F.
Excellent service all around from desk very efficient to the nurse and doctor
Mikey .
Great team ..! for Dr Michael McKuin
Heniek L.
Personal was fast, compassionate and diligent. I was in and out in 20 minutes. Place looks clean and well kept. I was provided with the medication needed and was very satisfied with the service.
Sandra M.
The doc and team were great! Listened to me and was so damn efficient and kind! Can’t say enough about them!
Jeff G.
They were professional, friendly and a safe environment. I highly recommend to everyone.
Marlene R.
Was very helpful. This office staff is the best. Thanks again MDNOW.
Rod D.
I was at MD Now in downtown Fort Lauderdale on 3-19-19 and was thoroughly impressed with everything about this clinic! Super friendly and caring staff, beautiful and clean facility. Top notch!
Patty T.
Tuesday, December 13 between the hours of seven yes theI have to take my h my hat off to the company for hiring this young lady. Her name is Lisa and she treats everybody with respect kindness good heart I just want to say thank you for having someone like that work here. Thank you
Larry W.
The staff member who checked us in was extremely helpful and friendly. We went there around 3 pm and it was totally empty. We were seen right away. There was something stuck in my mom's ear and the doctor was able to take it out. He was very helpful and kind. In this day and age a greeting, smile, or friendliness can make all the difference in the world. I would recommend this urgent care.
Jaytoz 2.
nurse was excellent. Dr. was also excellent.
Bill J.

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