Happy Doctor
The wait may be long but the staff is wonderful and the place is extremely clean. You would be happy to choose this facility
Jacolyn H.
Outstanding staff and medical care, I highly recommend that you try out this facility the next time you require immediate medical care.
Kevin B.
I will def recommend the UC for many reason in particular the efficacy the staff is very good at communicating with you.
Jasmine B.
The staff was welcoming, shared information on next steps and how to get my Covid results and the doctor taking the swab was fantastic. They made an uncomfortable and anxious appointment extremely pleasant. Highly recommend!
Katherine B.
Lab technician was super polite and explained step by step what i needed to do. Excelente service.
Viviana G.
The facility is clean, comfortable and water is available for refreshments. Every visit has been extremely helpful treatment for my medical needs, the staff is always willing to go above and beyond for the patient.
Farrah's J.
Always use MD Now Urgent care. Not only for everyday illness but when they can't diagnose you they send you to emergency room or make sure thay you see your doctor. Not only are they professional but the are caring about the results you should get from another professional that is qualified in different situations concerning your health. I recommend them highly.
Elizabeth S.
I was in a lot of pain and quite fearful, b ut the staff at MD Now attened to me very quickly and helped me begin to feel better right away. Thank you so much for all your help and concern.
Titania S.
Very quick, professional help.
Joanna R.
The office was clean, staff polite and there was little waiting time.
Kadian F.
Very fast, professional and they can dispense most Meds on site, saving me a 2nd trip the Drug Store
Mark B.
Its clean and the service is very good...although the wait was more than I expected...i was satisfied with the care.
Maria L.
The place was packed with cranky people but the staff handled them professionally. I was seen within the time frame they told. I have been to this facility before and will go again.
Jeri F.