Happy Doctor
The facility is clean, comfortable and water is available for refreshments. Every visit has been extremely helpful treatment for my medical needs, the staff is always willing to go above and beyond for the patient.
Farrah's J.
Great place. Friendly employees!
Joey K.
Went for a lab test. Service was fast and easy. The two ladies working the front desk were very friendly, and helpful. I had a lot of questions about the various services offered there, and they answered them all. The lady who drew blood was also very pleasant.
D .
Amazing care and staff!!!!
Chrissy W.
Everyone was friendly and professional. Cesar was very helpful. The doctor (sorry forgot her name) did her exam and succinctly explained her diagnosis.
Fred H.
Jessica G. is an outstanding nurse. She was patient and kind with my son and can find a vein like no other for blood work. Wonderful person and nurse. Thank you!
Ann M.
Friendly personnel. Very professional.
Luis R.
Lloyd M.
The staff is so friendly and helpful!
Saby P.
MD Now Urgent Care is great. The front office staff is very friendly and the Dr. really took his time to examine me.
allie t.
Had to go in this morning for a sinus infection. I arrived early and started the long line They open right on time and got everyone inside. I filled out my paperwork was call right back. In and out in 30 minutes. I know others had to wait because it was standing room only when I left. But my doctor was good. My nurse was fantastic.
Bertie R.
The wait wasn't long. Everyone was friendly.
Felicia F.
Place was extremely fast. Doctor was blunt, male nurse was a male nurse but you can't hold it against him. The receptionist was cool. Only problem I had with this place was that the entire staff wasn't wearing a mask. I would also appreciate this luxury
Frank B.