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on Memorial Day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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Happy Doctor
Was greeted and the intake person took all my information immediately. And there were only three people in the waiting room. I waited maybe 10 minutes. Was escorted into the room by the nurse who took my vitals. Five minutes later the doctor came in . He diagnosed me and wrote out a prescription which was sent immediately to the pharmacy. The whole visit took about 20 minutes
Pat B.
Great medical team and doctors, and the wait time was reasonable.
Sienna .
The few times I have been there have all been good service and good Dr’s. I do have to say the last professional I saw there the other day was the BEST Doctor I have EVER seen and I wish I was able to make her my new primary care doctor!!!! In the 53 years of my life this is one Dr I am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with!!! Her name is Zina El-Daghar. She deserves the absolute best attention and I am so grateful to have been treated by her. She knew what she was talking about especially with my underlying disease and battle with MS. She knew what to do right and what not to do with dealing with my ailments. Hats off to Zina!!! Keep up the good work and as far as MD NOW urgent care they should be very proud of a PA that make the facility go above and beyond what they just need to do. Zina showed she cared about me and takes her oath very seriously and cares about the patient like all Dr’s should. Thank you Zina for all your help and the rest of your staff that helped as well. Thanks for caring!!!
Russell S.
Great experience during the day. The staff & doctor were great!
Lauren G.
Kind, helpful, attentive staff, speedy service
This is a great place to get COVID tested or for any other medical need. The staff is friendly. They are very efficient with your check in process and you can expect timely processing if you have an appointment.
Aleida F.
Very quick and professional.
David E.
Went in for a suspected broken toe and everyone was friendly, sympathetic and helpful. I really appreciated how I was given costs and asked for consent for each step of my visit. The facility is clean and well taken care of. Will definitely return to this location if I suffer another minor emergency!
Melissa G.
Great and quick service for a blood test in and out in 15 min. Very clean and safe
Ray B.
This place is great. It took me about an hour to get a Covid test which is unheard of in Miami-Dade County at this time. The staff were patient, polite, and very efficient.
Cate G.
The service I requested was not urgent, however I have been taking care with almost no waiting time.
Marylyn J.
El servicio excelente rápido
Ana P.
Excelente, Buenos Profesionales