Happy Doctor
Clean facility, very professional, quick and efficient. The MA jazz that drew my blood was gentle and sweet. Will definitely recommend this location.
Very V.
I went in for a Covid test since I had been exposed to Covid. I had my shots in February. I signed in and filled out a form. In a short while I was called into a room where they did the swab test. The nurse told me how to get results. Everyone was courteous and efficient. I was surprised at the short wait time.
Gaile B.
I most definitely would recommend this place
Ashley W.
It was really a good feeling to enter the Urgent Care not feeling well but was met with a clean atmosphere and a friendly face at check-in Staff was pleasant and attended to my needs with great concern, care and professionalism. I was given constructive advice from the female ARPN on duty Thanks a million
Wendy G.
The receptionist was very helpful and got me in and out as fast as she could. Highly recommend ✨
Carla C.
Everyone in the office were so helpful. I was having an issue with some paper work and everyone at the front desk helped me out . The med assistance also where very kind and understanding. Doctor also took the extra steps to make sure I was totally satisfied.
Scott S.
In August 2020, I had a pelvic CT scan, which involved an injection of iodine as a contrast agent. I had never had iodine before, but I quickly discovered that I had a severe allergy to it. A few days later, my skin was extremely red, I developed a fever, and I felt terrible. I needed immediate treatment. I chose MD Now for my urgent care. This was my first visit to MD Now. The staff person was very helpful, and I was seen by Dr. Gil Fernandez within a few minutes. He treated me with understanding, competence, and compassion. He knew exactly what to prescribe: Methylprednisolone and Cetirizine. These drugs were precisely what I needed, and within 5-6 days, I was back to normal. I was very pleased with the treatment that I received at MD Now, and I would highly recommend this clinic for anyone who is in need of urgent care.
Neal W.
8/31/21 We stopped by MD Now yesterday, for the first time, and were allowed to see a physician, without an appointment. The waiting area was spacious and very clean. The ladies, at the front desk, were very professional. It was nice putting information on an IPad, instead of filling out paper forms, which seems archaic. We met Bisma Shah, PA. She examined my wife's ear, as she was experiencing pain. She found that she had redness and an infection. She did a nice job and recommended some drops. We also met Long Tran, MD, who also prescribed some amoxicillin to stamp out the infection. The examination rooms were spacious, very well kept, with state of the art medical equipment. Overall experience was excellent and the staff was super and very amiable. No phone number directly to the office, but a central station, who then connects to the office. Be prepared to wait about 20 minutes to get through. The wait was really not a problem. So, great facility to get some quality care. They have our utmost respect. Thank you, MD Now!
Marc W.
Although I'm sick and 1st experience with walk-in clinic/urgent care it was a great experience. Everyone was very nice, wait time was 10 minutes. The place was very clean and quiet. Great 1st time experience.
Rik D.
I got in and out quick. Staff is professional and the physicians have good bedside manner. I would recommend this place
Gregory A.
Great service
Johanna J.
Sliced my thumb on a mandolin cutting cucumber. My regular doctor couldn't see me, as blood streamed down my thumb. Went to MD Now, was seen right away, had my thumb treated expertly All very efficient and by a very pleasant medical professional staff. Couldn't ask for better
Nona S.
I absolutely had a good experience at this office. Considering it was quite a few people waiting, I was brought back quickly. The doctor was awesome and let me vent to her. If you need to go to an urgent care, go here.
Ebony H.