Happy Doctor
I have seen Dr. Mushtaq before and he's always so kind and thorough and never makes you feel rushed. I wish he was a primary care doctor! I've never seen a doctor that genuinely cares for his patients like he does. I’ve had to come to this office a few times since it’s right by my work during times when I can’t get off to see my primary care doctor. I’ve never had anything short of a great experience here. I am not a fan of ever going to the doctor (like most) but the entire staff here is very kind, efficient, and professional and make you feel comfortable. Specifically, the nurse (Libby) was also very helpful and made such a great effort to make sure I was comfortable and didn’t have any further questions after my visit. They all really take great care of their patients! Thank you Lighthouse Point MD Now! :)
Mia C.
This was my first time using this facility and I must say I had a great experience. I went in on a Sunday as my eye was swollen and I was seem right away. The staff was very nice and very helpful. I will definitely go there again for any last minute emergency. They will see you with or without health insurance and will give you a discount card for you to use at the pharmacy in the event you have no insurance to help you with the cost of medicine. I highly recommend this facility.
Marlene R.
Everybody was so very friendly and helpful. In addition, you could get the medication right there so you do not have to run around searching for it and the price is very reasonable.
Linda P.
The services so professional
Jose T.
Tenia algo dolor abdominal y vómito incontrolable . Detuvieron las arcadas con un medicamento. Bajo la sospechaba apendicitis me refirieron a un ER. Efectivamente así fue... Me operaron el mismo día de apendicitis en el Mount Sinai. Mi única recomendación como paciente es saber si es mejor acudir a un Urgent Care (caso leves primeros auxilios etc...) o ir directamente a un ER (cuadros más complicados donde se requieran exámenes más profundos, donde se requiera cirugía u hospitalizacion) pero ya lo aprendí.
William R.
Everyone was very kind and professional. Would definitely recommend this location.
Patty C.
Good people...
Dwayne H.
Very friendly staff! After 5 minutes of sitting in the room, the nurse came in to inform me that the doctor will be in only 30 minutes because he has a procedure to do. She came in holding water which she immediately offered for my wait which I appreciate. The doctor did come in within 30 minutes and was very informative. The other nurse was very quick and professional to send my prescription to my pharmacy. Thank you to all who made this visit pleasant!
Tal C.
I will not go anywhere else! The staff is excellent always and consistent. Efficient and caring.
Diane M.
A very big Thank you to MD Now Urgent Care for their wonderful and professional services. Dr. Eva Garcia-Solis my gratitude for your excellent service. Ensuring that all my questions were answered, and treating me with such patience, kindness, and calming my fears. Not a paid advertisement, just a happy patient ROCKING my splint. Happy Thursday!
Liz M.
The best clinic. Thank you y much!!!
Silvio V.
My daughter injured her foot and I wasn’t sure if stitches were needed so we headed to MDnow. The receptionist/insurance/check in person was lovely, efficient and knew her stuff. Our wait was shorter because she was on the ball. The nurse that led us in was very upbeat and pleasant. The doctor was terrific, he put my daughter and me at ease right away and took great care of her. He was very knowledgeable and thorough. The whole office had great energy. Thank you!
Diane B.
Everyone was friendly and professional. Cesar was very helpful. The doctor (sorry forgot her name) did her exam and succinctly explained her diagnosis.
Fred H.
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