Happy Doctor
I was there for roughly an hour. They got me in first time being there. Super quick, had me fill out some information and about five minutes later I was taken back waiting for the doctor. The waiting was super quick maybe 15 minutes max for the doc. Once she was able to see me to consultation was quick, I’m now getting my prescription.
Hailey T.
Awsome friendly staff, super clean and fast A1 service!!!!
Liza D.
I came to Miami with my 7 year old daughter, we landed 6 hours earlier and hung out at a friends house before we checked in to the hotel. On the car ride to the hotel, my daughter complained of her eye itching. Of course she kept rubbing it and made it worse. Her eye was almost completely shut when we pulled into urgent care. We had all of our luggage with us. The staff was very nice and accommodating and allowed me to put my luggage in another room while me daughter was getting treated. The entire staff was great and the doctor assessed the situation and wrote a prescription for my daughter. Her swelling went down overnight and she is fine.
Liani O.
Very, very personable and helpful staff!
Toni M.
Great service very nice dr and his assistant. Clean and is a big place.
Astrid M.
It was quick and painless.. everyone was great
Taylar i.
excellent service medico y muy buen atencion al cliente.
Susan C.
Great service mon, the two ladies at the front made my day
안녕하세요 .
I went in to this location because the other was closed. This location was open. Friendly staff , clean, and staff very knowledgeable n Doctor was informative of my current sickness. Called in meds n that was a wrap. Will definitely recommend to family and friends
I’ve been here two times and both experiences were great. Everyone is very kind and helpful!
Sophia J.
Had a quick reception and saw the doctor after 25 minutes of arrival. The doctor and nurse were courteous and diagnosed my eye condition quickly. Had a prescription made and was out in 20 minutes. The offices were extremely clean. Very satisfied.
Dante B.
The MDNow in Jupiter is fantastic! They were friendly, professional and kind! Great experience.
Francesca Z.
Facility very clean. Plenty of seating to separate from others. Staff very friendly and helpful. Not too crowded at 945am. Very efficient.
carolyn w.